FFXVI Man in Black Hunt Location: Where to Find the Holy Trumpitour in Lostwing

Learn how to find the Holy Trumpitour in Lostwing in Final Fantasy 16.

by Christian Bognar
Holy Trumpitour Hunt Location Final Fantasy 16
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking for the Man in Black in Lostwing? The Man in Black Hunt leads to fighting the Holy Trumpitour, and even though it’s readily known that he resides in Lostwing, it’s hard to find him at that location. This guide will walk you through how to find the Holy Trumpitour for the Man in Black location in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Find the Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

It’s important to know that the Holy Trumpitour Notorious Mark only becomes available when the player has completed the “For Great Justice” and “For Great Justice II” side quests in Final Fantasy 16. Afterward, the Holy Trumpitour can be found by fast-traveling to the Lostwing Obelisk and heading south through the village’s cellar passage.

Below you’ll find the exact location of the Holy Trumpitour (my yellow marker.)

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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How to Beat the Holy Trumpitour in Final Fantasy 16

Although the Holy Trumpitour can be tricky to locate, the fight is relatively easy, considering this enemy is only a B Rank. Players will fight this enemy type during the main story; its moveset is similar here.

The most significant attack to look out for is the Holy Trumpitour swinging melee attack, with a considerable delay between swings. The best way to counter this is to wait a second or two longer than usual to evade.

The Holy Trumpitour will start leaping around the battlefield and smashing down to the ground — these are easy to evade. The hard part is the exploding magic he leaves behind after smashing to the ground. To counter this, let the Holy Trumpitour finish his leaping attack move and wait for the magic to explode and reside before rushing in to attack.

As for the enemy’s flamethrower attack, instead of evading, run away from the flames in a horizontal fashion until the flames are over with. Once the flames are gone, rush in and unleash as many attacks as possible.

After defeating the Holy Trumpitour, you will be rewarded 2200 EXP, 75 Ability Points, 1x Meteorite, 1x Scarletite, 9800 Gil, and 20 Renown. The two crafting materials you receive are on the rarer end, so feel free to return to the Blacksmith in the Hideaway and see what’s available for crafting.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2023

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