Best Elden Ring Scythes: All Reapers in the Game, Ranked

Which of these four weapons should players get their hands on?

by Marc Magrini
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Even with how much there is to find in the game, certain weapons in Elden Ring can feel somewhat underutilized. The quick, powerful Twinblades and the brand-new Great Spears only have six variations each, making them seem lacking in variety – especially when compared to weapons like Colossal Swords and Greataxes. Unfortunately, this underutilization also spreads to scythes. Labeled as Reapers in the game, there are only four variations of this weapon for players to find. With such a low amount, it’s vital for players interested in these weapons to know how all scythes — or Reapers, as they’re called in Elden Ring — performs.

All Reapers (Scythes) in Elden Ring Ranked

4. Halo Scythe


The Halo Scythe deals fantastic damage with low stat requirements, and even boasts its own unique Ash of War. The reason it’s not ranked higher, however, is because it’s the hardest Reaper to obtain. You will need to defeat Cleanrot Knights wielding the weapon in Caelid, which means trudging through the deadly Scarlet Rot along the way. Additionally, this weapon’s base damage and scaling are both relatively low; it relies mostly on the Ash of War to gain a great damage output. It’s worth using if you can find it, but other Reapers have greater potential and are much easier to obtain.

3. Scythe


The basic Scythe is, surprisingly, not the easiest Reaper to find. It can only be obtained in the Cliffbottom Catacombs at Liurnia of the Lakes. It has the lowest overall stat requirements while boasting fair damage, but lucky and observant players will likely have a better Reaper already. It does have great Dexterity scaling, but this hardly matters in the long run – especially when it’s possible to perform Rebirth later on.

2. Winged Scythe


Travelling to the Weeping Peninsula and exploring the Tombsward Ruins will net you the Winged Scythe. Its stat requirements are nothing to scoff at, but it makes up for this with great Holy damage and a special Ash of War. It’s the easiest Reaper to obtain in all of Elden Ring, and it can even outclass the Halo Scythe against enemies weak to Holy attacks. Its physical damage might be disappointing to some, but the Winged Scythe is still the best Reaper a player can start out with – as long as their level is high enough to use it effectively.

1. Grave Scythe


The Grave Scythe might require some farming to obtain, as it’s only dropped by skeletons wielding it. Thankfully, these skeletons can be found throughout the Lands Between, meaning a dedicated player will come across it eventually. This Reaper is worth such dedication; with the right setup, it can outclass every scythe in Elden Ring. It has higher base damage than the regular Scythe and can beat the Winged and Halo Scythes’ Holy damage with a Sacred Ash of War. Simply put, the Grave Scythe is worth farming for – moreso than any other Reaper you might find on your journey.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

- This article was updated on July 27th, 2023

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