How to Unlock Higher Minigame Difficulty Levels in Street Fighter 6

Here's how you can unlock higher difficulty levels for minigames in Street Fighter 6.

by Christian Bognar
Street Fighter 6 Minigames
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Zenny is a form of currency in Street Fighter 6 that players can use to purchase new clothes, food, etc. There are numerous ways to gather Zenny quickly, but one of the most fun ways to go about it is through playing World Tour Mode’s minigames. The Zenny reward is high in minigames, but players can maximize these rewards through more challenging difficulties. The greater difficulty levels for minigames aren’t available immediately, though. Here is how to unlock higher minigame difficulty levels in Street Fighter 6.

How to Unlock Difficulty Levels for Minigames in Street Fighter 6

Players can unlock higher difficulty levels for minigames in Street Fighter 6 by progressing through the main story. As you continue through the main quest, higher difficulty levels will become available for minigames — offering higher Zenny rewards and rarer items for your fighter. It is unknown at which point in the game higher difficulty levels become available, but continue through the story and check back at the minigame location periodically. Capcom further details these minigames, known as “part-time jobs,” on its official website.

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The rewards that come with these minigames can range from health and combat items — such as energy drinks for vitality and candies for an increase in strength. Most importantly, though, the higher you score and the quicker you complete the minigame session, the higher the Zenny reward will be. When you have enough Zenny, feel free to use dye to color your clothes or change your appearance altogether if you think it’s time to mix it up!

How to Find Minigames in Street Fighter 6

Players can find minigames and part-time jobs by finding NPCs with a Z icon over their heads. Six minigames are to be found — five in Metro City and one in Old Nayshall, so keep your eyes peeled. Only three minigames are available when you start World Tour: Board Breaker Ren, Junkyard Smallz, and Pizzailo Serbello. Players can unlock the other three further into the main story.

- This article was updated on June 5th, 2023

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