How to Get Black Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Check out how to get Black Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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In Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode, you will be able to make use of dyes of different colors in order to change the look of select pieces of gear, with the Black one being one of the rarest. But where exactly can you find it? Now, here’s how you can get and where you can farm Black Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

How to Get and Where To Farm Black Dye in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Like all the other types of Dyes in Street Fighter 6, although you can find a few of them while exploring the world (by destroying breakable items and opening chests), and completing quests, the best way to get Black Dye can be done by challenging and defeating NPCs.

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With that said, we were able to get a large quantity of Black Dye in Street Fighter 6 (around 6 per day cycle to be more specific) by heading to Outlaw’s Court and then defeating NPCs there. The area will be located in Metro City and can be reached by heading south from the Urban Park bus stop.

  • Black-Dye-Location-Map-Street-Fighter-6-World-Tour
  • Black-Dye-Location-Street-Fighter-6-World-Tour

How to Dye Your Clothes

After getting the necessary amount of your desired dye, you will be able to use it to further customize your gear by heading to any clothes or equipment store in the game. Once there, you will be able to dye your selected piece of clothing by selecting Change Color and then the piece of gear you want to dye.

While talking about Black Dye specifically, you will need to expend 5 in order to color any piece of clothing or gear. It’s important to point out that apart from the clothing, you will also need to expend Zenny in order to do so.

This guide was made while playing Street Fighter 6 on PlayStation 5.

- This article was updated on June 5th, 2023

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