How To Perform The Quick Catch Glitch In Pokemon GO

by Shaun Cichacki

Trainers embarking on their Pokemon GO journey love capturing as many Pokemon as physically possible, but what if we told you there was a way to catch more of them in less time? Using the Quick Catch glitch, Trainers have a better chance than ever to claim as many Pokemon as possible in a short time.

While it’s not a guaranteed capture every time, players will have the chance to snag a Pokemon in rapid succession, rather than waiting for all of the shakes and detail screens to pop up. Let’s dive in and find out the easiest way to make this glitch happen, and if it’s still working in the latest update.

How To Perform Quick Capture Glitch In Pokemon GO


The first thing that players will want to do is jump onto their favorite game once again, and find a Pokemon that they would like to try and capture. In the case above, we found a Nidoran to try this glitch out on and started the encounter as we normally would. However, instead of just tossing the Pokeball at them, we did this first.


Using my left hand, the Pokeball Icon is dragged over to the left and held there. Players will not want to remove their finger from the screen while doing this, as they’ll need to keep it held in place until the Pokemon has been caught in the ball at least. Now, if players like using Curveballs, now is the time to use the other hand and start spinning.

Left-handed players can do the same trick using the Berry Icon, just drag it over to the right and hold it there, and use your other hand to start spinning the Pokeball, or tossing it at the Pokemon to be captured.


While the Pokeball Icon or Berry Icon is still held, wind up and toss the Pokeball like a normal capture, and let it fly. You can do this glitch with or without a Curveball, but we recommend trying for one as it increases the odds that a Pokemon will be captured, as well as a small EXP boost.


Once the Pokemon has entered into the Pokeball, players will want to let go, and let their tray of choice pop onto the screen. At this point, players will just need to tap the screen and press the Run Button on the top left-hand side of the screen to escape the encounter. After this, they’ll need to access their bag and see if the Pokemon has been captured.


In this case, the capture was a success, giving me a Nidoran for my bag. If this trick did not work, players can jump right back into the encounter and try to capture a Pokemon again. This trick is going to work best on lower-powered Pokemon, as there is still a chance that they may break out of the capture and not be added to your team.

To summarize the points above:

  • Enter an Encounter
  • Drag and hold either the PokeBall or Berry icon toward the opposite
  • Start winding up a throw, and wait to see if the Pokemon is in the ball
  • Let go of the Icon with the non-dominant hand
  • Run from the battle
  • Check your bag, and see if the Pokemon has been captured.

If players can nail this trick, it can lead to a tremendous output increase, as players will not need to sit through the standard three shakes and details page, so they can get right back into the action. While this method may not be recommended for special Pokemon like Galarian Legendary Birds, it can work great for some extra candy Pokemon in your next adventure!

This method works similarly to an Auto Catcher device, but players hoping to maximize the amount of Pokemon they can capture should still look into one. This may work great on a Community Day when there is an abundance of Shiny Pokemon, or just need to get as many as possible to maximize a monster’s potential.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

- This article was updated on February 10th, 2023

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