How To Find And Catch Galarian Moltres, Zapdos & Articuno in Pokemon GO

Want to add some new Legendary Pokemon to your team? Find out how to do that here!

by Shaun Cichacki
How To Catch Galarian Birds in Pokemon GO

If you’re a fan of rare Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you may need to get up and get moving outside to get your hands on some of the newest Legendary Birds that have made their way into the game. You’ll have a very slim chance of finding them or even catching them, but going for a leisurely stroll has never been more exciting.

How do you come across these Legendary Galarian Birds, anyway? Let’s find out what you’ll need to do to try your hand at adding one of these birds to your Pokedex, and why it may be one of the hardest Pokemon GO challenges you’ve encountered yet.

How To Catch Galarian Birds in Pokemon GO

With the introduction of Daily Adventure Incense, Niantic is giving players a new incentive to get out and get moving. You’ll be able to pop one of these open at no cost every day, and you’ll have a chance to run into hard-to-find Pokemon that aren’t normally in your area, Shiny Pokemon, and even Galarian Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno. 

Once you pop your Daily Adventure Incense, you’ll just need to start moving. You’ve got 15 minutes to move around, and try to find new Pokemon, so taking a nice walk is a great way to see if you’ll be able to get one of these Pokemon to spawn in your area. You won’t see them every time you’re out and about, so it’s a great thing that you get a new Adventure Incense every day, so you can try again tomorrow if you don’t happen to see one.

You’ll want to make sure that you’ve got your hands on plenty of Golden Razz Berries, as well as some Ultra Balls because the Galarian Birds have the lowest catch rate of any Pokemon in the game. You’ll have a very slim 0.3% chance to catch one, and if you don’t get them on the first try, there is a very good chance that you won’t have another try, as they also possess a 90% Flee Rate, making them one of the rarest monsters in the game currently.

With your Adventure Incense, you won’t see any spawns if you aren’t moving, so use that to your advantage, and get out there to try to claim a new Legendary Pokemon, and maybe even a few Shiny monsters along the way! Make sure that you’ve got your hands on items like the Pokemon GO Plusand maybe even an Auto Catcher to make sure that you’ve got enough items to prepare you for all of your new adventures, and grab some of the best accessories for Pokemon GO so you’ll never run out of battery while you’re playing the game!

If you’ve found yourself bored while trying to catch these rare Pokemon, make sure you’re checking out our Pokemon GO Guide Section, where we cover all different aspects of the game. If you’re more of a battler, prepare yourself for the newest Legendary raids, as well as the upcoming Mega-Raids that will be coming soon. If you’re ready to catch some new monsters and evolve them quickly, you can always do your best to get your hands on Hisuian Voltorb during the upcoming Spotlight Hour, and prepare for Gilarian Zigzagoon to show up during the newest Community Day!

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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