Pokemon GO Slakoth Spotlight Hour – Schedule, Can It Be Shiny & Perfect IVs

Prepare for this Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, featuring Slakoth!

by Shaun Cichacki

As gamers look forward to yet another Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, knowing who the main focus of the day is can help players know what to expect. Alongside a special Pokemon each week, players will also get the chance to take advantage of a bonus that can help them on their adventure.

This week, players will have a chance to capture as many Slakoth as possible. This adorable little creature has some amazing potential, so let’s grab our favorite Auto Catcher and get ready to find and catch as many of these slow pokes as possible!

Pokemon GO Slakoth Spotlight Hour – Schedule & Bonuses

Gamers hoping to add a fair few Slakoth to their team in Pokemon GO will have the perfect chance to do so when this Spotlight Hour goes live on February 28 from 6:00pm until 7:00pm Local Time. During this hour, players will see an enhanced spawn rate taking place, so there will be more Slakoth than ever before during this timeframe.

Players hoping for an excellent bonus are also in luck, as Slakoth evolves into one of the best Pokemon currently available in the game. For those hoping to get a Slaking as quickly as possible will need to capture many of these Pokemon to take advantage of the x2 Catch Candy bonus!

Can Slakoth Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Players love the idea of a proper Shiny Hunt, and Spotlight Hour can be one of the best ways to partake in this activity. For gamers hoping to capture an old favorite with a new coat of paint, knowing which Pokemon can actually be Shiny in this world is key.

Thankfully, for gamers hoping to capture and raise a Shiny Slakoth, this Pokemon can be found in the game in a Shiny form! Rather than the boring and drab brown, they take on a vibrant pink to their fur and can be found a little easier during the Spotlight Hour event.

For those that have not had the luck to encounter a Shiny before, players will want to ensure that they’re paying attention at the beginning of an encounter for a flash of stars and an icon next to their name to show that they are shiny. This is one of the more noticeable Shiny versions in the game, so players can also pay attention to the color.

Slakoth Perfect IV Stats in Pokemon GO

While Slakoth may be the first stage, it still offers a fair bit of power for being just a baby. As they continue growing and evolving, they’ll become one of the most important members of the team, especially for those hoping to farm Pokecoins by leaving their best defenders in their local gyms.

  • Max CP: 1,002
  • Max HP: 134
  • Attack: 104
  • Defense: 92
  • Stamina: 155

Overall, Slakoth could be a great addition to a lower-leveled team, but as they continue to grow and evolve, they can become one of the most useful members of the squad. If players are struggling to capture enough Pokemon to fill up their Inventory Bag, using something like the Pokemon GO Plus can give gamers the boost they need to start capturing as many monsters as possible.

Pokemon GO is available now on Mobile Devices.

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