Is Regieleki Good in Pokemon GO? Answered

Is the Electron Pokemon worth adding to your team in Pokémon GO?

by Drew Kopp
Image: Niantic

Pokemon GO‘s latest Elite Raid allowed players to catch Regieleki, the Electron Pokemon and fourth member of the Legendary Titan family of Legendary Pokemon. Within main series Pokemon titles, Regieleki’s unrivaled speed, devastating Special Attack stat, and access to a wide range of powerful moves have made it a reliable member of many offense-based teams. This begs the question: is Regieleki as reliable in Pokemon GO?

How Good Is Regieleki in Pokemon Go?

Image: Niantic

Like in the main series, Regieleki’s primary claim to fame is its raw offensive capability. Boasting a respectable 250 Attack stat, any attack that Regieleki lands will hit hard. Regieleki is also notable for being one of the few Pokemon in Pokemon Go that naturally knows Lock-On, a Normal-type Move that deals minimal damage but generates six bars of Energy, ensuring that the Electron Pokemon regularly has enough resources to utilize its more-powerful Moves.

Unfortunately, Regieleki’s Defense and Stamina stats are much lower than its Attack stat, at only 125 and 190, respectively. On top of its meager durability, Regieleki also suffers from a distinct lack of type coverage. Outside of Lock-On and Hyper Beam, Regieleki’s Moves are all Electric-type, putting Regieleki at a steep disadvantage against Grass, Electric, Dragon, and especially Ground-type Pokemon.

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While Regieleki doesn’t have the offensive versatility or long-term survivability of other Legendary Pokemon, it’s far from useless. As a pure Electric-type, Regieleki can utterly annihilate Water and Flying-type Pokemon who don’t have the Moves or secondary Types to counter it. By combining the utility of Lock-Up with a hard-hitting Move like Zap Cannon, Regieleki can hold its own against powerful Legendaries like Tornadus in PVE and PVP.

To utilize Regieleki effectively, players must remember that its limited move-pool makes it a great swap-in against Pokemon it’s strong against. In turn, they must also know to pull the Electron Pokemon back when it comes face-to-face with powerful Ground-types like Groudon.

- This article was updated on April 11th, 2023

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