Elden Ring: How to Solve Regression Alone Reveals Secrets Puzzle

Riddles? I hate riddles.

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Reading every message you come across in Elden Ring is never a bad idea. While some messages may be lying to you, most of the ones you come across that provide hints are truthful. Some messages in the game are actually put in Elden Ring by From Software and provide hints toward secrets. One such message can be found in the Royal Capital Leyndell.

After you manage to defeat Godfrey, you will come to a statue with its arms spread and below it, you will find a message that reads “Regression alone reveals secrets”. Here’s how to solve the Regression Alone Reveals Secrets puzzle in Elden Ring.

How to Solve the Regression Alone Reveals Secrets Puzzle

Elden Ring really enjoys giving their players open-ended puzzles. Just like in Chelona’s Rise, you are given a single line to work with and nothing else. It can be quite difficult to figure out what you need to do when all you are told is “Regression alone reveals secrets”.

Is it telling you that you need to go back alone or maybe you need to do the opposite, so go forward with someone? Luckily the answer is quite simple. If you’re not an Incantation user, you may have a bit of trouble solving the puzzle.


In order to reveal the secret, you will need to use the Law of Regression Incantation. If you don’t have it you can pick it up from any Incantation vendor that you give the Golden Order Principia prayerbook to. Once you have the incantation, you will need 37 Intelligence to equip and use it. If you don’t have the Intelligence, you will either need to respec at Rennala in the Grand Library or level up until you get 37 Intelligence.

With the Law of Regression Incantation equipped, you will need to go back to the statue and simply cast the Incantation in front of it. The reward you will get for solving this riddle is a huge lore revelation. If you were looking for some super-powerful weapon or spell, you will be disappointed. However, if you want to know more about the story of Elden Ring as you play along then you can’t miss this.

How to Get the Golden Order Principia Prayerbook for the Law of Regression Incantion


Players must acquire the Golden Order Principia prayerbook to get the Law of Regression Incantation. Players can find this book by fast-traveling to the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace and reaching the top level.

Once at the Erdtree Sanctuary Site of Grace, go outside to the right of the Site of Grace and walk up the large tree root to get to the balcony. Once your on the balcony, head outside the door and immediately take a left and jump onto the roof of the building. Here you will find an open window, jump through this window, and you’ll find another giant tree root. Walk across this tree root to find the Golden Order Principia Prayerbook on the hanging chair.


While you’re up here, you can also obtain the Erdtree Bow on the balcony directly across the hanging chair!

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- This article was updated on August 4th, 2023

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