Best Elden Ring Incantations and Sorceries

You are welcome to consider all of these spells and incantations when creating your magic build in Elden Ring.

by J.R. Waugh

The Lands Between is the dangerous world seen in Elden Ring, the most acclaimed game so far in 2022. When preparing yourself in the From Software masterpiece, you’ll want to make a build that will protect you not only from the deadly bosses but even other players looking to invade your session. While some might opt for a physical build, accommodated by the many wonderful weapons in the game, others will choose a magic build featuring some of the most potent sorceries and incantations you can find in the game. Read on for our picks of the Best Elden Ring Incantations and Sorceries!

Best Elden Ring Incantations and Sorceries

We have gone ahead and separated the lists of Incantations and Sorceries in Elden Ring, each featuring a mixture of prominent abilities used either in PvP or PvE.  The entries are listed based on how well they can fit either of these purposes and due to the nature of their uses being mixed, they will not be ranked above or below each other.  Read on for our lists below:

Elden Ring | Best Incantations

Below are some of the best incantations in Elden Ring, with a variety of uses and combat styles accommodated:

Black Blade

Aside from a killer name, Black Blade is a powerful one with a worthwhile use on the battlefield. This grants you a powerful blade with which you spin through the air, dealing 100% holy damage to enemies, sapping their health, and reducing their maximum HP by 10% for 15 seconds. This is stackable with Destined Death and can be immensely helpful against bulky late-game bosses, and is an all-around handy ability to have if you’re looking to break down your opponent and reduce their defensive advantage.

Aspect of the Crucible: Tail


This incantation is dropped by the Crucible Knight as he appears at the Stormhill Evergaol. It is a dragon-based incantation, summoning a large tail with which you can whip your opponents to the point of causing knockback when fully charged, giving you control over the flow of battle.

Golden Vow


Golden Vow is a valuable asset for any Faith-based player’s loadout, not only because it can boost your attack and defense, but also that of your allies if you’re preparing to fight a tough boss or invader. Make sure to incorporate some Dexterity into your build so that if you need to recast and keep this buff up, you aren’t waiting too long. In many ways, for any player using incantations in Elden Ring, this might simply be the best one available by just how helpful it is, but others deal more immediate damage.

Swarm of Flies


An asset in PvE, the Swarm of Flies incantation is deadly for inflicting the invaluable status ailment of Blood Loss. It can take down mighty foes once it stacks enough, and despite its projectile being slow on the approach, there’s no way to deny the awesome feeling when the bleed kicks in and the enemy’s HP loses a huge chunk. This has even been deployed as an easy way to chip away at Malenia, one of the most famous and hardest bosses in the game.

Beast Claw


A fantastic incantation acquired by completing Gurranq’s questline, the Beast Claw is immensely powerful, can have its range and power adjusted by charging the incantation longer, and can break down the defenses of those it is used against. It’s an asset to use, has a quick wind-up, and is deadly to your foes. Beastly indeed.

Elden Ring | Best Sorceries

For those using their trusty glintstone staff instead of a seal, sorceries are a powerful offensive asset and can be deadly not only to bosses but to other players in the game.  Below are our picks for some of the best sorceries in Elden Ring:

Adula’s Moonblade


On the sorcery side of things, this spell conjures up an icy blade to deal with frostbite damage to enemies nearby and is quick to use, placing it high on many ‘best spells’ lists. For those outside the regular striking range of this attack, they’ll still be in the range of the deadly arcs that shoot from the blade as it is swung, increasing its versatility. In virtually every way, this is the superior variant of the greatswords you can conjure via sorcery.

Glintstone Arc


For those still playing the game early on, they might notice this sorcery is attained in the initial parts of the game, giving you a cheap method to dispatch groups of enemies. This can alternately be used to trip up opponents that otherwise would dodge-roll to sidestep regular glintstone attacks, and it scales well with Intelligence allowing you to keep it well into later parts of the game as versatile, bread-and-butter sorcery. Any of the other sorceries in its family, such as Glintstone Cometshard or Pebble, are also highly acceptable.

Loretta’s Greatbow


For those looking to have a solid first-strike advantage in any confrontation, especially when they are facing a tough foe that can’t be snuck up on, look no further than Loretta’s Greatbow. A charged shot from this, or Loretta’s Mastery (a more powerful version from later on in the game) will prove deadly and allows you to draw the enemy aggro while prepping either a different spell or swapping to your melee weapons to fight up close. This serves as a perfect surgical strike method, damaging exactly what you set out to hit with it.

Ranni’s Dark Moon


While this attack is trickier to maneuver than Loretta’s Greatbow and has a significant windup phase, it is deadly for splash damage as a fire-and-forget spell against smaller foes or powerful bosses. This move can add deadly amounts of frostbite damage and even lower the enemy’s magic negation stats, so it’s a powerful weapon you can use multiple times for full effect before going on a close-range magic offensive.

Comet Azur


Could there be any other sorcery here on the list? Comet Azur is the sorcery that seemingly broke the internet when it was found, creating a deadly blue beam of glintstone energy which, at the high cost of FP, could be sustained to shatter enemy boss HP until opponents are vaporized. It’s certainly not a helpful tool in PvP, but is devastating as an asset for PvE enjoyers wishing to progress through the game, and is remarkably easy to use on big foes.

This concludes our list of the Best Elden Ring Incantations and Sorceries! Be sure to check out our other guides on the game, and see how particularly strong builds can be when using incantations like Black Blade!

Elden Ring was released on February 25, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Series X|S.

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