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  • Civilians have been killed and injured in ongoing fighting while attacks on infrastructure have left people without heat or water.
  • Declaration of “Martial law” in Donetska, Khersonska, Luhanska and Zaporizka oblasts creates concern over access and movements for civilians living in these areas.
  • The humanitarian community continues to scale up winterization assistance as the cold season approaches.
  • Humanitarian partners have delivered additional aid in retaken areas of Donetska, Kharkivska and Khersonska oblasts and in Dnipropetrovska oblast.
  • 13.47 million people reached with humanitarian assistance and protection since February 2022.
A man in Kharkivska oblast wheels home assistance he has received from UNHCR. Credit: Proliska

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  • Ukrainian Refugees across Europe


    Source: UNHCR
  • IDPs

    6,540,000 5% increase since 26 Sep 2022

    Source: IOM
  • Returnees

    6,036,000 No change since 23 Aug 2022

    Source: IOM
  • Civilians Killed since 24 Feb 2022

    6,490 1% increase since 30 Oct 2022

    Source: OHCHR
  • Civilians Injured since 24 Feb 2022

    9,972 1% increase since 30 Oct 2022

    Source: OHCHR
  • Civilian Casualties since 24 Feb 2022 (killed & injured)

    16,462 1% increase since 30 Oct 2022

    Source: OHCHR

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