Hurricane Lisa - Nov 2022

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At 10:30 am on 31 October 2022, the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) issued Advisory No. 1 on Tropical Storm Lisa. Tropical Storm Lisa was located near latitude 15.5 N, longitude 77.3 W or about 735 miles East by South of Belize City. Lisa was moving to the West at 12 mph with maximum sustained winds of 40 mph and a minimum central pressure of 1003 mb. The system is forecasted to continue on a general west to west-north-westward track for the next few days with landfall possible on Belize late on Wednesday 2 November night or early Thursday 3 November in the morning. Lisa is expected to strengthen with the potential to make landfall as a category 1 hurricane on Belize. At 12:00 pm on 31 October 2022 the National Hydrological Service released Flood Bulletin No. 1 for Tropical Storm Lisa indicating areas expected to increase to flood stages across the entire country affecting main rivers. At 1:00 pm on 31 October 2022, the Prime Minister of Belize in his capacity as the Chairman of NEMO declared a hurricane watch (RED – 1) for the entire coast of Belize with landfall likely within 36 to 48 hours. (UNCT Belize, OCHA, 1 Nov 2022)

On 2nd November 2022, hurricane Lisa made landfall just south of Belize City as a category 1 storm. [...] The NEMO estimated close to 39 percent affectation rate of the country’s population i.e. approximately 172,000 persons. At the time of the submission of the Initial Situation Assessment (ISA), there were no reported fatalities associated with the storm’s passage. The storm has resulted, however, in the temporary displacement of a large number of persons, with an estimated 5K+ seeking refuge in state managed shelters across the country of Belize. The ISA reports damages primarily to the housing sector which is reflective of the poor housing stock associated with the areas of affectation. An estimated 500 houses have been reported as being completely destroyed, with an additional 5,000 homes suffering from light, medium and heavy damages. The NEMO reports initial damage estimates to the housing sector as being approximately USD$10M with most of this damage recorded within the Belize District. (UNCT Belize, OCHA, 4 Nov 2022)

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