5 Tips For Getting Started In GTA Online Heists

by AOTF Staff
GTA V GTA Online

GTA Online Heists finally released and players are just starting to get online. We already know the gist of getting started. Any level can join as long as you have completed the opening/tutorial to GTA Online. If you are a heist leader however, you need to be at least level 12 in GTA Online, have an apartment with a planning room. That brings us to our tips to getting started, which should be helpful to get you in the position to complete your first small-time heist.

Grab Friends

Grabbing a few partners in crime to take on GTA Online Heists is the best way to go. It’s rough having to join a heist if half the people don’t even have a mic or aren’t willing to work together. Or worse, have a heist leader who takes a huge cut for themselves and leaves you out to dry since you just joined.


Communication is key when planning, talking about the next steps in the heist and of course during the heist finale. So you will want to have a means of communication with everyone involved. It also helps in the first heist to communicate as different players will be given different tasks. It also will be how you will want to discuss paycut and planning sections with the heist leader.


This goes hand in hand with being able to communicate. Planning is going to be mostly done prior to missions but some will be done on the spot. Like in the second setup mission, there are two entrances to the car garage, you can either both go in one end or split up and attack from both sides. Small little details like that will play bigger parts in later missions as the heists get more high stakes and the objectives gets tougher.

Do It In Order

Heists are primarily completed in order and you get the best bonuses for doing this. However, sometimes you may not be able to as your friends may not be on all the time. If you do manage to do it in order, you get the ‘all in order’ challenge bonus on top of various ‘first timer’ bonuses for completing the various heists for the first time. So if your friend is just starting their heist career and your only on the second heist, redo the first one to help and get you both on the track to earn bonus GTA$.

Challenge Yourself

Challenges are a large part of GTA Online Heists. Most of them are unknown until you complete a heist, this forces you to go back and re-do heists to garner the bonuses. However, some challenges like the ‘first-timer’ bonus can only be received once. Challenges vary from heist to heist but the main ones to keep in mind are the ‘all in order’ which has you complete them in order, and completing them in varying difficulties (Hard), as well as completing all of them in order with the same crew, without having anyone in your crew dying. It is pretty rough, but the payout is a sizable sum for any criminal.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019