GTA Online Heist Guide: The Fleeca Job

by AOTF Staff

The Fleeca Job is the first online heist that you can take part in as apart of the whole GTA Online Heists. As apart of this GTA Online Heist Guide, we will take you through the heist and the options that are presented to you. This is a three-mission heist and has a few cutscenes thrown in there for cinematic value.

Getting The Call

After you have reached level 12 in GTA Online and have a high end apartment that allows for a planning room, Lester will feel that you are ‘ready’ and give you a call notifying you of a job opportunity. He then asks you to meet him at his garment factory. After you meet up, he says he has something for you and needs some time to get it ready.

After a few short moments later, you get a notification/call that heists are now available. They can be activated either in your  planning room at your apartment which will have an “H” in it now or via your cell phone to start a heist with random people via the jobs menu. Once you find another person to do the two-man job with, you can start the first mission in the strand.


Scope Out

The next step is the first mission dubbed ‘scope out’ which is just that, scoping out the joint. You meet up with Lester and your crew at the leaders apartment and Lester decides to cover the setup cost this one time so you can get right into earning cash. Here you and your cohort will simply drive to the bank which is located right off the highway. Choosing who is the driver and who is the passenger is somewhat important, as it gives the passenger experience with the hacking mini-game that is an integeral part of this heist in the finale. After driving there you will see a cutscene and then be introduced to the hacking mini-game on the way back to Lesters garment factory to pick up his associate.

The mini-game consists of guiding a line from one entry point to an exit point without touching any of the sides or microchips in the middle. It is fairly simple but can be difficult if your not paying complete attention.

After that short mini-game you meet up with Lester’s assistant and then go back to the heist leader’s apartment for the payment, and a short scene setting up the next mission.



The second mission in the strand is ‘Kuruma’, where you will be tasked with lifting an armored street car from a local Korean gang. Unlike the last mission, this will have a slight setup where you can choose your outfit and mask. Once that is out of the way, you will get in a vehicle outside the heist leaders apartment and drive towards the destination, which is a parking structure. Players are given a few options, go in via the south/north ramps, or they can choose to come at them from both sides. Once you decide your plan of attack, it basically boils down to shooting everyone in the place and driving the black beast (the armored car) the hell out of there and back to Lester’s garment factory.

When you get inside the car, just drive. Short of a rocket launcher, not really much can take out the armored car. That is a good thing as you will be bombarded by angry gang leaders as you hightail it back to base. So just keep driving and as you near the bridge to the garment factory they will lay off. That completes the mission and garners you a small pay.


The Fleeca Job: Finale

The heist leader will have to pay roughly 10% of the total payout ($115,000) which is $11,500 to get the finale started. Once the leader puts his money in and decides how to divide the cut and everyone has an assigned role it begins. The driller will be the one in the passenger seat who will be playing the hacking mini-game we test-drived in ‘Scope Out’ but this time significantly harder. Once they pass it three times and the driver arrives at the bank they can unlock the safe. Onto phase two, the bank itself.

Once you put your masks on you will want to rush inside and take out four cameras sticking out of the ceiling, one to the left of the entrance and three to your right down the corridor leading to the vault. You are given a shotgun but you can use whatever gun you have in your arsenal. The driver stays upfront while the driller goes to the vault to get the contents of the lockbox for Lester. The driller will then encounter a drilling mini-game where they will have to drill four-tiers of the box while keeping the drill from overheating. Meanwhile, upfront the driver will be pointing his gun at the hostages and the teller without killing anyone just to keep them intimidated. This is monitored by a little yellow bar in the bottom right. If it starts to dip, start pointing your gun at various hostages and let off a few rounds into the wall. That gets the juices flowing.


Once the lock is busted the alarm trips and everyone scatters back to the car. Lester notifies you of the fallback point which is on a bridge. Basically, just drive as fast as you can and plow through any roadblocks leading to the bridge. Upon arriving at the bridge a Cargobob will be waiting, position yourself under it and maintain speed to get lifted off into the sunset. Heist completed.

If this is your first time completing The Fleeca Job you should make out with over $100K easy, and if you managed to stay live, and not die than you get bonuses. So there you have it. Your first heist in GTA Online. Now onto The Prison Break heist.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019