GTA Online Heist Guide: The Prison Break

by AOTF Staff

Now that you have gotten your feet wet with The Fleeca Job, the real heisting begins.  In our second GTA Online Heist Guide, you will be introduced to your first four-player heist. It is initiated sometime after The Fleeca Job finale, you will receive a phone call from Lester saying that he doesn’t have anything specifically for you, but he heard of someone who is looking for a crew to pull a job. This is where you are introduced to ‘The Planner’ or as he is referred to, Agent 14. He introduces himself and tells you a bit about your target for this ‘heist’ which is essentially an elaborate prison escape.

You and your crew are tasked with breaking out Professor Maxim Rashkovsky who has enough money to apparently hire a crew to break him out of prison. Agent 14 tasks you with gathering the necessary equipment for the assault on Boilingbroke Penitentiary. To initiate the heist, the leader must put in $40,000. Players are given three setup jobs to start with and for the sake of the guide, we are going to take them out in order of how they appear on the whiteboard.


The Prison Break: Plane

In this first setup mission, you are tasked with going to McKenzie Field and stealing a Vagos plane (Velum) and taking it back to your stash. The team is broken up into two groups, one pilot and three ground crew.

Once you leave the apartment you can get to the airfield by any means but it would be smart to plan out how to attack the airfield as it is heavily guarded. Upon arriving, heisters will be greeted by the Vagos gang. It is important to take your time and take your shots carefully trying not to hit the gas tanks scattered around the area as to not cause any access damage to the plane. Enemies will continue to come via the road by the truck full so be prepared to blow up some baddies. It’s good to stay in cover just about the whole time as lives are sparse during heist missions.

Once all the enemies are eliminated the ground crew can now go and move the vehicles from the airstrip while the pilot jumps in the plane and takes off. Their goal is to fly it to the airport way down south and get it in the yellow dot. Once they do so the mission ends.


The Prison Break: Bus

After you gather everyone back at your apartment you can undertake the next setup mission that involves stealing a prison transport bus. This is fairly straightforward and has no split teams. The four players can either stay in one car or go their separate ways to stop the bus, and hijack it. From there it just gets a little more complicated.

The transport bus is being escorted by a chopper, so your first task is to take this thing out of the sky. A homing launcher, railgun, or rocket launcher will explode it in a wonderful array of fire, alternatively you can try shooting it down or hit the pilot with a well-placed shot. When you dispatch of the chopper, you must lose your wanted level by utilizing everything you have ever learned about GTA V and its wonderful wanted system. The drivers best bet is to take the car into the country or in the desert and attempt to lose them off-road, as the slow and rough turning bus won’t be much use on the pavement.

Next, you will want to go the drop off point to complete the mission. Be careful though as if you get too close to police vehicles which will cause you to get another star. Once the driver makes it to the drop it is mission over.


The Prison Break: Station

In this mission players will be split into two teams one dubbed ‘Cop Station’ and the other ‘Cargo Ship’. The Cop team will have to infiltrate a police station and procure sensitive documents. The Cargo team will gain access to a vehicle which is being held in the cargo hold of a ship. Remember, players who are on your ‘team’ will be colored light blue whereas the players on the other team will be dark blue, so know your role.

The Cop team will have to get a cop car, by either finding one and jacking it or calling the police and jacking it, players choice. Upon doing so and losing the wanted level associated with stealing a high profile vehicle like its type, players will make their way to the police station. The police crew will have their weapons taken away except a gun and a baton. Park in the yellow marker and make your way inside without bringing any suspicion. Simply walk to the back of the police station, steal the bus schedule and hightail it out of there without alerting anyone and you are free to bring it back to the planning room.

The Cargo team will have to drive to the docks and plan their attack. The car is being held on a cargo crate on top of all the others. Near the far right there is a structure that players can climb up via a ladder, it is right next to two lookouts and their car, if you ignore them (or kill them) you can climb up to the top, drop down to the long platform hovering over the ship grabbing the parachute there and parachute to the cargo below. Alternatively, one of you can do the above, while the other takes the ground path and takes out enemies on the ship. Either way whomever finds the cargo crate with the car and shoots the long rectangular padlock, the other player will automatically teleport to them and go inside the car.

From here the Cargo team has to evade the guys who want the car back, which will come in droves and drive the car without damaging it too severely, to the middle of the desert to the drop off point. There you have it. One more setup mission to go.


The Prison Break: Wet Work

This one requires the team to split into two pairs again, one dubbed the ‘Mansion Team’ who will infiltrate a mansion via stealth and kill a target, meanwhile the ‘City Hall Team’ is tasked with sniping two lawyers and retrieving their documents.

The two teams split up as last time and go their separate ways, City Hall team goes downtown while the Mansion team will be going to a house up in the rich part of Los Santos. The City Hall team’s job is pretty self-explanatory, the players are tasked to drive to city hall and take out two lawyers by following the directions. Pretty much, you just wait until they get out of the care and kill them in quick succession. After that, a slew of cops arrive you either run and grab the briefcase, or you can kill all the cops then grab the briefcase. Once it is your possession you must evade the cops and lose your wanted level.

Now the Mansion team will be tasked with stealthily infiltrating said mansion but if they are caught their target decides to flee the scene and everything goes south. Although this leads way to a chase scene, this is not the most ideal scenario so it is really up to the player if they are in the mood to be stealthy or not. Once both teams are done the mission is over and it is onto the heist finale for The Prison Break.


The Prison Break Finale

In the finale players will be broken up into what is essentially three teams, a faux prisoner and guard with the hijacked transport bus, a demolitions expert who will run interference on any enemies attempting to take the team down, and a pilot who will be the crew’s getaway driver.

The prisoner and guard leave together going for the transport bus and simply drive up to Boilingbroke’s front door and the unsuspecting guards let them in. Meanwhile the pilot goes to the stolen plane at the airport and flies it towards the airfield in the middle of the map, and the demolitions player goes to steal a buzzard and heads to the same area.

Back at the prison, as the guard and the fake prisoner make their way into the penitentiary the guards will realize what is going on and the jig is up, so to speak. From here you both will have to fight your way through the prison against guards and NOOSE agents who start to descend upon you both in a hail of gunfire. The prisoner will be unarmed, so as soon as your partner takes out a guard, quickly nab the weapon so you have something to fight with. When you finally make your way to Rashkovsky, he will begin to follow you, but he will only move forward if the area in front of him is clear.

Meanwhile, the pilot will be in hot water flying around the airfield waiting for the pick-up. The plane gets made as stolen, and fighter jets are on their way to take them out. Never fear, this is where the demolition’s Buzzard comes in handy. It is their job to defend the pilot as long as it takes for the prison team to get out of Boilingbroke and into their armored car. The pilot should just do evasive maneuvers and pray they don’t hear the dreaded lock-on sound, if so make a hard right or left and either an up or down dive to hopefully dodge it. The demolitions will just keep popping jets out of the sky with their lock-on rocket.

Once the target is safely inside the vehicle, the prison team need to gun it for the nearby runway. As this occurs the pilot needs to land so they can easily take off, and drop the stairs by pressing right on the d-pad, so everyone can fit into the plane. The demolitions at this point will try their best to take out all the helicopters that come close, and there will be a lot of them. As everyone arrives at the airfield it is best to just run for the plane and not dilly-dally noting that Rashkovsky will only move if it is clear in front of him.

When everyone is inside the pilot can quickly take off as the demolitions Buzzard defends them all from constant fire and helicopters. The pilot will fly out back towards Los Santos and a little bit to the left, it’s fine if you end up flying over the water. Keep an eye on the radar and avoid straggling helicopters cone of vision when you can by hard left and right turns. The Buzzard can be useful here to take out any helicopters following so the wanted stars disappear. Once they do, fly to the designated area and a cutscene will occur and all three players inside will jump out with their parachutes.


At this point the demolitions will land at the beach and prepare to take everyone home. After everyone regroups at the beach safely and gets in the plane, the demolitions takes control and flies towards Los Santos which triggers a cutscene. There you have it. You just completed The Prison Job with the help of our GTA Online Heist Guide. Now it is time for The Humane Labs Raid. It has jets.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019