GTA Online Heist Guide: The Humane Labs Raid

by AOTF Staff

You just completed your first full scale heist with The Prison Break so now you want more don’t you? Of course your do, and we have you covered with our GTA Online Heist Guide for The Humane Labs Raid. Just like the previous heist it is a four player one. A little bit after the completion of the previous heist you will get a phone call from Agent 14 who will tell you about a new thing he’s working on.

To begin this heist your leader must put forward $54,000. The goal here is to infiltrate the Humane Labs and leave with highly sensitive important documents all while under the cover of an EMP. There are five setup missions in The Humane Labs Raid. We will tackle them in order as they appear on the board.


Humane Raid: Key Codes

For the first mission, players will be split into four separate roles; Bodyguard, Buyer and a North and South Lookout. Have everyone drive to the marker and everyone has their own role to play during this short setup mission. Once everyone is at their area, the seller will arrive to make the switch and then all hell breaks loose. The FIB gets word of the swap and they come from all sides. This is where the lookouts will help as they will be taking out everything that comes at them. Hopefully everyone manages to survive the hostile encounter and when it is all over and the bodies are dropped, just drive back to the apartment to finish the mission.


Humane Raid: Insurgents

This mission has no teams as everyone has the same goal; steal two heavily armored SUVs (Insurgents) from Merryweather. Sounds fun enough right?

Everyone get in whatever vehicle they want and drive to the marker which is located at the Davis Quartz Quarry. After busting through the guards at the gate, you can either drive straight down or take a nice vantage point and snipe enemies. The choice is yours, but having a pair at the top and a pair go down is also a nice alternative strategy.

After getting inside these vehicles, keep an eye on your map and you should see some helicopters. Either get out and use a homing launcher or the mounted-gun on one of the Insurgents to take out the choppers.  Once that is out of the way, you can start making your way to the rally point. Be sure to have the cars stay relatively close and have a gunner on the mounted Insurgent do all the shooting they can handle as enemies will start to come at you in droves all the way to the drop-off point. As you get near you will be told to kill all the remaining Merryweather personnel. Do so, and drop the Insurgents off completing the mission.


Humane Raid: EMP

Now we need to go grab an EMP. Now we aren’t lucky enough to have a cool EMP like in the movies or anything, no. We have to go steal a military grade VTOL Jet, a Hydra from an aircraft carrier which has an on-board EMP that we will use in the finale. This is another mission that has no team designations so everyone has the same goal, get the jet.

Everyone has to drive to the beach and get inside the designated dinghy and start driving towards the yellow marker. You will soon see a giant aircraft carrier which is pretty hard to miss. You will want to go around the back of the carrier and go inside. The real fun begins.

Since it is a military ship, military is everywhere so you will want to clear it out as you progressively move up. Take your time, no rush, just don’t die. As you work your way up to the deck, decide who will be taking off in the Hydra as when you get to the top you will want to jump in as soon as possible. Once the player is inside the Hydra, the rest of the crew will get inside Lazers and follow. A squadron of military jets will take flight behind everyone and attempt to take out the Hydra. Their only goal is the Hydra, so the rest of the team could use this to their advantage and lock-on to the enemy jets taking them out.

The Lazer group has to continue to defend the Hydra and take out the enemies. Once you do the Hydra pilot just has to put the jet in hover and land. You will get a short scene where they unload the EMP and that’s that, mission over.


Humane Raid: Valkyrie

Another mission where we have to steal an awesome new vehicle, this time it is a fully stacked helicopter with rockets and mini-guns to boot. This is also another mission where there will be no teams.

After everyone exits the apartment and gets in their preferred vehicle, prepare for a firefight when you arrive at the location of the helicopter. So you will want to stock up on a few homing missiles/rocket launchers, as well as some long range rifles/sniper rifles. You and your crew will be going through a heavily guarded area including a few snipers, and a submarine hanger just to retrieve the Valkyrie.  If you are having trouble finding the helicopter, you can easily bring up the in-game menu and set the waypoint as the helicopter.

As you arrive you will want to take out the guards as you progress through the facility taking your time, there is no rush and lives are sparse. Make sure to watch the high ground for snipers, particularly in the tower. Once you make it through the submarine hangar, again taking your time and being a smart shooter. The Valkyrie will be there waiting so just pile in, keeping in mind the co-pilot has a nice little anti-aircraft gun that will be used, a lot. While the two side passengers will be manning the mini-guns. I think you see where this is going.

You and your crew will have to keep the Buzzards at bay making sure your pilot knows well enough to turn the chopper so you and your men can get a bead on the enemies. Once they are all taken out simply go to the marker and drop off the Valkyrie and mission over.


Humane Raid: Deliver EMP

Remember that EMP we stole in that awesome Danger Zone..I mean EMP/Hydra mission? Well now we have to finally deliver it to the Humane Labs during the cover of night in preparation of the finale. This one will have everyone again, going in without teams, but be warned it is a stealth mission so bring silenced weapons and cool dark clothes so you at least look the part. Also, remember that L3 initiates stealth mode. The worst part about this mission? Once you enter the labs, everything is timed. So, prepare for fun and hijinks!

Now, remember at the end of the EMP Setup mission when the EMP from the Hydra was loaded into the Insurgent you stole? Well now you have to go with your crew and pick up that Insurgent. So everyone mount up and drive to the destination and procure the vehicle you need and drive towards the Humane Labs.

Once you arrive the timer starts so quickly get out and scope the place out with a silenced sniper or something of the sort. Take out the guards quickly either one at a time or both at once then begin your stealth assault on the compound. There is a variety of ways to take this part, it may become a trial and error situation where you learn the patterns of the guards or you may just get lucky. Many of the guards may have to be taken out in quick succession so if one man has a shot, make sure there are no other nearby guards to notice before taking it. The key point here is to silently take out as many as you can, taking your time and sneaking around clearing a path for the Insurgent to drive right into the bay.

After clearing a path, have someone go back for the Insurgent while another hacks the bay doors. When the car is in place you will have to get out of the area without alerting anyone else so, it is best not to kill anything if all is peachy-keen. Hop in the nearby Humane Labs van and get out of there. Once far enough the mission will complete. Now to the finale.


The Humane Labs Raid: Finale

This is it, we finally get to use that EMP that we strategically placed and steal those files from the Humane Labs, but most importantly we get PAID! Now the team will primarily be split into two teams even though there are three different names, two players will be the ‘Ground Team’ one will be a Pilot and the other a Gunner. As you can expect the Pilot and Gunner go hand in hand via the Valkyrie we stole, and the ground team will be making the infiltration into the labs.

First, get everyone in a vehicle and travel the long distance north to the Alamo Sea to pick up the Valkyrie. Yes, everyone has to be in it as the Valkyrie is used for the infiltration. Once you arrive and fly to the Humane Labs, hover over the marker and it will initiate the EMP. The ‘Ground Team’ will not parachute below and night-vision will automatically activate, so don’t be alarmed. As the ‘Ground Team’ does their business the Valkyrie can fly until they hear word from the rest of the crew.

Back on the ground, they will blow open a door to enter the facility (sticky bombs or any type of explosive really) and tactically move through with your weapon of choice taking out enemies until you come to double doors. These doors need to be opened via synced locks, so hopefully you will have a mic or it will be just a lucky guess if you’re playing with random players.

Once inside, grab the documents and follow the marker, killing anything in sight. When you find a water exit, follow the on-screen prompts to equip your oxygen (left on the d-pad) and go for a swim. Try to swim as fast as you can or you might get panicky as the oxygen doesn’t last forever. Upon making it to sunlight, either fire a flare into the air (I knew there was a reason they put those in the game) or talk to your teammates via mic to signal the Valkyrie team where to land.

When everyone is inside and you take off you and your crew will be alerted to a squadron of Buzzards on their way to eliminate you. The pilot will want to keep moving while allowing the rest of the crew to get a bead on them via the Valkyrie’s many weapons. After blowing up enough Buzzards to fill a small scrapyard, the pilot can head towards the meeting point, upon which a cutscene will play ending the heist in a fiery explosion. You just completed another heist with the help of our GTA Online Heist Guide. Now split that $540,000 four ways and celebrate. It is time to move onto Series A Funding.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019