GTA Online Heist Guide: Series A Funding

by AOTF Staff

It is time for another GTA Online Heist Guide, except this time it really isn’t a heist, especially after something like The Humane Labs Raid. The overall feel, is like doing a bunch of mini-heists but going out with a bang. Either way, it pays well though and it is for everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed hillbilly, Trevor Phillips. After the last heist, you will get a call asking for a favor and the wonderful times begin.

As the previous guides, these setup missions can be done in any order but we are listing them in the order they appear. The overall goal here is to steal bunch of drugs for Trevor to help his upstart company Trevor Phillips Industries. The heist-leader has a buy in of $54,000 so come prepared. Now also remember, this is Trevor we are talking about so he likes to play things very ballsy, so there will be lots and lots of enemies and likely running from said enemies, given that Trevor has a tendency to want things that are possessed by really bad people. What better way to prepare than to bring lots of ammo and body armor on just about every mission, it is highly suggested.


Series A Funding: Coke

In this first drug hijacking, you are tasked with stealing some cocaine from rich frat boys on their Yacht. The crew will be split into two teams, Helicopter Team and Boat Team. After each team leaves the apartment and drives to their designated spot, the fun begins.

The Boat Team will drive to the back of the yacht and infiltrate below deck. This is a tight space so use cover and go easy as there will be a sizable amount of goons. The Helicopter Team can either land on the yacht’s helipad or on the shore, where they have a good vantage point of the upper decks of the yacht. It is up to the players and the skill of the pilot. Either way you choose, fight through and clear the ship of both drug dealing frat brothers, and police by utilizing both teams. While the teams have been doing this, they should have ran across several blocks of cocaine. There are nine (9) total to collect, both above and below deck. Find them all, clear the boat and get out of their either via helicopter, boat or jet-ski.

At this point the police have been notified and will start sending choppers, take them out and lose your wanted level and head for the marker to complete the mission by handing the coke over to Trevor’s trusty side-kick, Ron.


Series A Funding: Trash Truck

The goal here is to pose as trash collectors which in-turn allows you to steal Vagos’ supply of molly pills (ecstasy) located throughout the city. Your crew will be split into two teams, Collectors who will ride on the back of the trash truck, and Operators who will be in the cabin. After leaving the apartment, get in a car and start heading to the marker to pick-up the aforementioned trash truck.

Picking it up will have some resistance, so shoot anyone that gets in your way and leave the facility with the truck on your way to the first pick up. The first one is just a tutorial, basically just have the Collectors team get off and get the trash, throw it in the back and move on. Simple right? Yeah, that’s the only one that is simple.

The next one begins the retaliation of the Vagos, when the Collectors get out the Vagos arrive so do your best to stay alive and take them out. Once they are dead put the trash in the back and move on. You will do this two more times but the alternative is just to grab the bags, throw them in the back and drive off. The crew doesn’t have to kill the Vagos, it’s up to the players. The final collection has a timer so you’re also facing the clock.

Once the final pickup is done your crew will begin to get attacked by more Vagos, this time they are angry and driving after you. Take them out as best you can while you make your escape to the meet-up point. Upon arriving at the warehouse under the bridge, Ron will greet you again for a job well done.


Series A Funding: Bikers

Care to take a guess who the bikers that Trevor wants to steal from? The Lost of course.  There will be no teams for this mission so prepare your best sneaking gear for this stealth mission as you creep into The Lost’s trailer park and steal their vans full of drugs.

Everyone get in a vehicle and head for the marker as Trevor has supplied the team with some silenced weaponry for the mission. Another marker will show a nearby dinghy that you can take to The Lost’s hideout in Stab City. Once you arrive, be as quiet as possible (remember L3 is sneak) and take out any enemies you come across, keeping an eye on their cone of vision via the mini-map. If anyone gets alerted, it is mission over.

Now that The Lost members are taking a dirt nap, grab the vans at the north end of the trailer park and hightail it as fast as you can to the drop point. The MC will follow shortly after and attempt to take you out. Either shoot their tires or just keep driving. When you arrive it will be mission over.


Series A Funding: Weed

This mission once again splits the crew into two teams, Ground Team and Gun Team. After you leave the apartment, get in a car and head towards the sawmill where the Ballas are holding the weed. You are also tasked with stealing a Technical, a wonderful pickup truck with a machine gun on it.

Once you arrive the Ground Team moves in taking out any enemies they can while the Gun team snipes enemies from a distance taking out as many as they can see. The Gun team has the high ground so they will be able to take out enemies a lot easier and allow for the other team to progress. After enough of the enemies are cleared out to comfortably move around (they will continue to spawn at times so they will never be 100% gone) grab the two trucks with the Ground Team and have the Gun team rush in and grab the Technical.

As you make your escape have the Technical lead the way taking out any obstacles you come across on the road with the mary jane filled trucks running up the rear. The trucks will have to remember to watch the road as they are very top heavy and prone to flipping around a few sharp turns that are on the route to the drop off location. Once you finally arrive you will hand over the cargo and it is mission complete.


Series A Funding: Steal Meth

If your good with titles, you might be able to guess what our task is here. I will give you a hint, it involves meth. Now if you remember the story of Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor has a history with the O’Neil Brothers, and here is pretty much where it begins. Your crew is tasked to steal a tanker of ‘meth juice’ from the O’Neil farm. There are no teams for this job, so hop in a car and get on your merry way to the marker.

As you get closer to the farm you may want to scope the place out and plan your invasion. Try picking off stragglers from afar with a sniper rifle or if everyone is ready for bare, go in guns blazing, dealer’s choice. Just start picking enemies off and move up to the house and shoot through the windows taking out the enemies inside. After things die down a bit, have one player go and grab the big rig, as the rest of the team keeps the enemies at bay. Once the driver of the truck attaches it to the trailer a timer will start, have the rest of the team mount up and prepare to protect the ‘meth juice’ as the vehicle has a health bar.

Protect it all the way to the drop off point to finish the mission and prepare for the finale.


Series A Funding: Finale

Here it is, the finale, albeit a short one. Two teams, Lookout North and Lookout South, but this is timed so hop in a car and drive to the warehouse as quickly as you can. When you arrive you will be greeted with all the enemies you have just stolen drugs from, Vagos, The Lost, O’Neil crew and the Ballas. Take positions inside the warehouse at opposite ends and at make sure you in cover, they will come in droves via vehicles. If you want you can use RPGs, homing launchers and C4 to make quick work of them.

After they finally stop coming, two team members need to hop in the Technical and start protecting the other two teammates who need to drive the drugs to the drop off location. The gunner has to be alert at all times as there will be a lot coming at the crew. Watch the health on the vans and be careful as two choppers come after you.

When you arrive you will be rewarded with a cutscene and $505,000 split four ways. Now onto the final GTA Online Heist guide, and the final heist available; The Pacific Standard Job. The big one.

- This article was updated on June 8th, 2019