All Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3) Companions: Locations & Classes, Listed

Want to know where to find every companion in Baldur's Gate 3.

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Baldur’s Gate 3 goes to incredible lengths to re-create the experience of playing Dungeons & Dragons, and one of the best ways it does so is by allowing you to be part of a rag-tag party of adventurers. As you travel through Faerun, you can find and recruit several companions, each with powerful abilities and colorful personalities, making your journey more manageable and memorable. Here are the locations and classes of every recruitable companion in Baldur’s Gate 3.

All Companion Locations and Classes in Baldur’s Gate 3

As of writing, we’ve found eight recruitable companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. You can select five of these companions, known as Origin characters, as your playable character at the start of the game, while the rest can only be recruited into your party later on. Even if you don’t end up barely using one companion, recruiting them offers unique questlines and social interactions that will make your adventure more exciting.

Each companion has a unique class and a collection of special abilities that give them an edge in certain situations. Some are skilled with a blade, while others are knowledgeable scholars who can quickly unravel arcane mysteries or offer insight into the realms of gods, demons, and aberrations beyond Faerun.


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Class: Fighter

Location, The Nautiloid, North of Roadside Cliffs

A Githyanki warrior who values strength and duty above all else, Lae’zel is the first companion you meet in Baldur’s Gate 3 (if you don’t include Us, the Intellect Devourer.) While her cold and adversarial nature gets a bit old after a while, her durability and offensive capabilities make her an excellent early-game ally, and seeing her slowly drop her emotional guard as she warms up to the rest of the party is exceptionally charming.

You first meet Lae’zel upon leaving the second room of the Nautiloid, but the two of you will be separated once the ship crashes. You can find her again just north of the Waypoint in Roadside Cliffs, caught in a cage trap set by two Teifling hunters and eager for assistance. Just kill or scare away the Tiefligns and destroy the bottom of her cage with a ranged attack to get her to join her.


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Class: Cleric (Trickery Domain)

Location: The Nautiloid, Ravaged Beach

A half-elven Trickery Cleric of the Goddess Shar, Shadowheart has quickly become one of the most popular companions in Baldur’s Gate 3. A mysterious yet compassionate woman who appreciates playful subterfuge but despises unnecessary violence, Shadowheart’s vast collection of healing and support spells makes her a literal godsend in combat. On top of that, her witty sense of humor and plot-twist-ladden personal quest make her one of the most memorable characters in the game.

Shadowheart is first encountered on the Nautiloid, imprisoned in a Mind-Flayer pod. She’ll join you once you’ve freed her by finding the Eldritch Rune or unlocking her cell through arcane or rogueish means. After the crash, you can find her knocked out on the beach near you, making her the “official” first-party member you can recruit.


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Class: Rogue

Location: Ravaged Beach

A High-Elven Rogue who prefers to keep his intentions and daggers hidden, Astarian is another contender for the coveted fan-favorite Baldur’s Gate 3 companion title. A pragmatic and occasionally ruthless soul who prefers to keep his friends and his enemies within stabbing range, Astarian’s ability to sneak around, pick locks, and deliver deadly sneak attacks makes him an invaluable asset in and out of combat. He’s also a vampire you can pursue romantically, for whatever that’s worth.

Astarian can be found east of the wrecked Nautilioid, claiming to have cornered a hostile Intellect Devourer, only to pull a knife on you. However, once it becomes clear that you aren’t a Thrall of the Mind-Flayers, he sheathes his blade and agrees to join you for however long your interests and his align.

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Class: Wizard

Location: Roadside Cliffs Waypoint

A Human Wizard with a kind heart and a bottomless enthusiasm for all things magic, Gale is one of the friendliest members of Baldur’s Gate 3’s core cast. While his lack of defense can lead to him being knocked down quickly, his massive arsenal of spells can turn the tides of battle and offers many creative solutions to puzzles and social situations. If that’s not enough to sway you, his storyline is among the most engaging in the game, adding a welcome flair of arcane mystery to the narrative.

Gale can be found north of the crashed Nautiloid on Ravaged Beach, trapped in a swirling vortex of arcane energy created by a botched teleportation spell he tried to use to escape the ship. Once you give him a hand, he’ll join your party and introduce you to Baldur’s Gate 3’s fast-travel system.


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Class: The Fiend Warlock

Location: Druid Grove

Also known as the Blade of the Frontier, Wyll is an archetypical dashing hero who traded his soul for demonic powers that he uses to hunt the innumerable monsters who prey on the helpless. With a decent amount of martial skill and a small but effective pool of offensive spells, Wyll is one of the most well-rounded companions in Baldur’s Gate 3 when it comes to combat, and his strong moral compass makes him an excellent confidant for any good-aligned player character.

Wyll will join you in the battle against the goblin marauders outside the gates of the Emerald Grove. Once you’ve ruined back the horde, you can find Wyll teaching the younger Teifling refugees how to fight with swords, and he will join you if you offer him a place in the party.


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Class: Druid

Location: Goblin Camp

A Wood Elf Druid and First Druid of the Emerald Groove, Halsin’s sudden disappearance is the driving force behind the first significant conflict you encounter in Baldur’s Gate 3. A towering figure whose friendly demeanor hides a deep well of righteous fury that he isn’t afraid to unleash on those who endanger nature and innocent lives, Halsin’s high Wisdom and Wild Shape ability make him an observant and unconventional ally.

To recruit Halsin, you must venture into the depths of the Goblin Camp and free him from the Worg pens. Once he’s free, he’ll ask you to help him destroy the Goblin Camp and kill the three leaders responsible for its recent rise in efficiency. Once the threat to his home has been eliminated, Halsin will gratefully offer to join you.

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Class: Paladin

Location: Shattered Sanctum

A ruthless Drow who has sworn her life to the mysterious Goddesss known as the Absolute, Minthara is a cunning warrior who acts as one of the three leaders of the Goblins menacing the Emerald Grove. While most players will probably fight and kill her, recruiting this fanatical living instrument of divine wrath is possible if you commit to walking down a more villainous path.

To recruit Minthara, you must befriend the Goblins she rules over and helps them destroy the Emerald Grove and the Hellrider Tieflings. After the Grove and the Teiflings have been eliminated, she will be o agree to accompany you on your journey, filling in for companions who will unfortunately but understandably part ways with you after this atrocity.


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Class: Barbarian

Location: The Blighted Village

A Tiefling Barbarian who was heartlessly sold into a life of slavery and warfare at a young age, Karlach has a chip on her shoulder and a massive axe he plans to drive into the skull of everyone responsible for her years of bondage. With incredible durability and insane offensive capabilities, Karlash is arguably the best martial fighter in Baldur’s Gate 3, and her surprisingly upbeat demeanor makes her a fun person to be around.

To find Karlach, you’ll need to talk to Anders on the Risen Road to initiate the Hunt a Devil quest. Head past the Blighted Village west of the Druid’s Grove, then head north until you find Karlach surrounded by Anders and his group of overzealous Paladins, who have mistaken her for a devil of the Nine Hells. If you save Karlach by helping her fight off the Paladins, shell offer to return the favor she now feels she owes you by joining the party.

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