This Baldur’s Gate 3 Chest of the Mundane is Designed to Fool You

This chest in Baldur's Gate 3 is anything but mundane. Here's what you should do with it!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Larian Studios

The Chest of the Mundane’s description says: “Looking at this chest fills you with a suspiciously overwhelming feeling that there is absolutely nothing special about it. You may be surprised that the Chest of the Mundane has a greater value than it appears. Those who possess knowledge of its secrets can only unlock its true worth. To access the treasures hidden within the Chest of the Mundane in Baldur’s Gate 3, follow these steps carefully.

What Should You Do with the Chest of the Mundane in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Image: Larian Studios

To locate the Chest of the Mundane in Act 1, head to the Arcane Tower in Underdark. On the main entrance level, you’ll come across the Chest of the Mundane. If you pass the Arcane check, you’ll discover that the chest is enchanted. Collect all the items inside, which will transform into valuable loot, including Mystra’s Grace boots.

When you access the Chest of the Mundane, the items you discover may appear useless, such as a spoon, metal fork, and cup. But once you add them to your inventory, they will become valuable loot. Alternatively, bringing a sutur flower to the Chest of the Mundane will create an anti-magic field. The items will show in the chest as they are. I think this is the intended mechanic for it.

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We have discovered that the Chest of the Mundane not only disguises valuable treasures as trash but also has the power to transform items into something fascinating. So, don’t be fooled by its name, and feel free to experiment with the Chest of the Mundane by placing items in it.

How to get Mystra’s Grace Boots in Baldur’s Gate 3

Image: Larian Studios

Upon transferring loot from the Mundane Chest to your inventory, you may come across a valuable item – Mystra’s Grace boots. To equip them, access the equipment menu (N) and drag them to the appropriate slot. These boots benefit from level 1 Feather Fall and only require a Bonus Action to activate. Their value is estimated at 610 gold.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Baldur’s Gate 3 on Steam Deck.

- This article was updated on August 5th, 2023

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