Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – How to Get Kubfu Guide

He may be shy, but this Fighter-type is a powerhouse.

by Brandon Adams
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor - How to Get Kubfu Guide

Kubfu is the marquee new Pokemon in the first expansion to Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor, but adding him to your Pokedex will require more effort than simply finding and capturing him. You’ll need to complete a small quest-chain for Mustard, the master of the, erm, Master Dojo. He’ll give you three tasks to complete, but you’ll likely knock them out in under an hour.

First, you’ll need to defeat three “fast” Slowpokes. These rapid Pokemon can be found bolting about the Soothing Wetlands just north of the dojo. Look for the giant cloud of dust, then step in front of the “fast” Slowpoke as they run about in their loop (no need to chase them; they run a set route). These can be taken down like any other Slowpoke, you just can’t capture them. Return to Mustard in the dojo once the all three have been defeated.

Now Mustard will want you to gather some Wild Mushrooms from the Warm-Up Tunnel even further north. You’ll need to navigate through the Forest of Focus and Training Lowlands to reach the tunnel, but you shouldn’t get lost so long as you follow the path leading to the bridges. If you need more guidance then check out our guide for the mushrooms here (and if you ever want more after the trial then this guide will serve you well).

Once you’ve returned to the dojo with the fungal fruits of your labor you’ll be tasked with the final, ultimate trial: defeating your rival in battle (either Avery or Klara, depending on which version you are playing). Neither one is all that tricky, and their Pokemon should all be weaker than yours.


Once you’ve won the battle talk to Mustard in the dojo, who will finally reward you the “secret armor” of the dojo. Turns out it’s Kubfu, the cute brawler bear. Evolving him will be prove no simple feat, and you’ll first need to visit three highlighted locations (there’ll be exclamation points for each on the map) in the Isle of Armor before unlocking both the Tower of Waters and Tower of Darkness. Completing a tower will evolve Kubfu, but you’ll need to choose wisely which to tackle, because it will determine which evolution your Kubfu will become. Also, you’ll want your Kubfu at level 70, lest you enjoy getting your butt kicked.

- This article was updated on June 25th, 2020

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