Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – Move Tutor and Moves List

by Brandon Adams
Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor - Move Tutor Guide

In Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor you’ll eventually meet a Move Tutor who will offer up unique moves that, while similar to existing moves at a glance, provide different Pokemon types access to moves they normally wouldn’t learn. The Move Tutor is unlocked after you complete the first challenge for Mustard in the Master Dojo, and the tutor will be located towards the back of the dojo on the right.

Each new move will cost you five Armorite Ore, which can be found as a sparkle on the ground, from Digging Ma (who moves around the zone randomly), or from Max Raid Battles on the Isle of Armor. Below I’ve broken down the entire list of moves on offer at the Move Tutor by category. The type associated with each is listed next to their name with a full description below. If you’re ever in doubt which of your Pokemon can learn a specific move the shop UI will clearly tell you which of your Pokemon can or cannot learn a highlighted move.


  • Dual Wingbeat (Flying)
    • The user slams the target with its wings. The target is hit twice in a row.
  • Flip Turn (Water)
    • After making its attack, the user rushes back to switch places with a party Pokemon in waiting.
  • Grassy Glide (Grass)
    • Gliding on the ground, the user attacks the target. This move always goes first on Grassy Terrain.
  • Lash Out (Dark)
    • The user lashes out to vent its frustration toward the target. If its stats were lowered during the turn, the power of this move is doubled.
  • Poltergeist (Ghost)
    • The user attacks the target by controlling the target’s item. The move fails if the target doesn’t have an item.
  • Scale Shot (Dragon)
    • The user attacks by shooting scales two to five times in a row. This move boosts the user’s Speed stat but lowers its Defense stat.
  • Skitter Smack (Bug)
    • The user skitters behind the target to attack. This also lowers the target’s Sp. Atk stat.
  • Steel Roller (Steel)
    • The user attacks while destroying the terrain. This move fails when the ground hasn’t turned into a terrain.
  • Triple Axel (Ice)
    • A consecutive three-kick attack that becomes more powerful with each successful hit.


  • Burning Jealousy (Fire)
    • The user attacks with energy from jealousy. This leaves all opposing Pokemon that have had their stats boosted during the turn with a burn.
  • Expanding Force (Psychic)
    • The user attacks the target with its psychic power. This move’s power goes up and damages all opposing Pokemon on Psychic Terrain.
  • Meteor Beam (Rock)
    • In this two-turn attack, the user gathers space power and boosts its Sp. Atk stat, then attacks the target on the next turn.
  • Misty Explosion (Fairy)
    • The user attacks everything around it and faints upon using this move. This move’s power is increased on Misty Terrain.
  • Rising Voltage (Electric)
    • The user attacks with electric voltage rising from the ground. This move’s power doubles when the target is on Electric Terrain.
  • Scorching Sands (Ground)
    • The user throws scorching sand at the target to attack. This may also leave the target with a burn.
  • Terrain Pulse (Normal)
    • The user utilizes the power of the terrain to attack. This move’s type and power changes depending on the terrain when it’s used.


  • Coaching (Fighting)
    • The user properly coaches its ally Pokemon, boosting their Attack and Defense stats.
  • Corrosive Gas (Poison)
    • The user surrounds everything around it with highly acidic gas and melts away items they hold.

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