Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor – How To Get Gigantamax Urshifu

Find the sweet spot.

by Dean James
Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon finally jumped into the downloadable content game with their latest release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Rather than just adding little bits of content after release, Game Freak instead decided to replace the usual third game release in lieu of an expansion pass that comes with two parts. While the second expansion, the Crowd Tundra, is set to add all of the past legendaries into the game again, the first one only gives us a new special Pokemon named Kubfu that evolves into Urshifu. Urshifu is capable of Gigantamaxing in the game, but you have to complete a quest to make it possible and this guide will explain what you have to do.

How To Get Gigantamax Urshifu

When you first get access to Kubfu in the Isle of Armor DLC, your goal here is to level it up and make him happy that leads on the road to evolving it to Urshifu. You can find more details about how to go through this process in this guide here first.

After you have conquered one of the two towers and evolved Kufbu into Urshifu, you need to head back to the Dojo. Once you are there, you will run into a familiar face in Hop, who is there to learn more about Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing while at the Isle of Armor.

While you are here, you will be told by Dojo Master Mustard that your Urshifu is capable of Gigantamax, but the problem is that they do not like the taste of Max Soup by itself. Max Soup is how you can give a Pokemon Gigantamax abilities through collecting Max Mushrooms around the Isle of Armor. Thankfully, there is something that can make Urshifu eat the Max Soup that you have to go search for to make it sweet.


Mustard then sends you and Hop off after this sweet nectar that will make the Max Soup sweet enough for Urshifu, starting at the Forest of Focus. Soon after you walk in, you will notice a stray Petilil that is lost. Hop tells you to go into the forest and find a Lilligant that is looking for it, so head off and make your way through the forest. You’ll have to look a bit, but should find the Lilligant before too long out in the open. You must walk Lilligant back to where Hop and the Petilil are, but don’t walk too fast or they will get stuck. You will be given a type of nectar, but Hop says this isn’t quite it and you need to keep looking.

Now the next step is to find an Applin in the forest, so go looking for it. It should be located fairly close to where you find Lilligant before. You will have to chase after Applin a few times until it goes up in a tree. Go to the tree and the Applin will land on you, leaving its nectar. Hop will once again try it and say this isn’t right, leaving you to try something else.

Hop will then mention a Vespiqueen being what you need, so head off towards the new marker on the map, which is Honeycalm Island. This is the very oddly shaped island in the north west area of the Isle of Armor, so make your way there. Head to the center and you will come across Hop again, where you will then interact with a tree. By shaking this tree, you will get sucked into a Pokemon Den and have to do a battle against a Dynamaxed Vespiqueen. This fight is incredibly easy, as you can technically use your entire party. Just use whatever you need to take Vespiqueen out and you will be brought back outside of the tree with a comb of Max Honey in your possession.


Once you have the Max Honey, fly back to the Dojo and go inside. At this point, Mustard will challenge you to a full Pokemon battle out back, but that is not what we want to do first here. Instead, head over to the left side of the Dojo into the kitchen and speak with the person at the stove. Give him your Max Mushrooms and Max Honey to get the special Max Soup and your Urshifu will now be able to Gigantamax.