Pokemon The Crown Tundra – How To Get The DLC

Can you buy the expansion separately?

by Dean James
Pokemon The Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield released last year as the first mainline entries on a Nintendo console ever, changing the franchise in a number of ways. Not only were these changes part of the base game, such as the introduction of the Wild Area and more, but the handling beyond the game itself is quite different. In the past, each set of Pokemon games either got a third game or two more games to follow up before moving onto the next generation. With downloadable content being so big though, Nintendo decided to change their strategy by going with an Expansion Pass instead that included the already released The Isle of Armor expansion and now The Crown Tundra expansion. Those unfamiliar with this process may be a bit confused by how to actually get The Crown Tundra DLC and this guide will explain what you need to do.

How To Get The Crown Tundra DLC

As we said, Pokemon Sword and Shield already received its first expansion back in June with The Isle of Armor and now is getting the second expansion with The Crown Tundra. To purchase The Crown Tundra DLC, head to the Nintendo Switch eShop and look for the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass. There’s a very good chance that it will be available on the front page with the release of The Crown Tundra this week, but you can search for it as well.

The Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion pass will cost you $29.99, whether you get it from the eShop or even buy a code for it through a physical retailer like GameStop. This may seem a little pricy, but it includes two different expansions as part of it that should add a good bit of playtime to the base game.

For those looking to purchase The Crown Tundra that had no interest in The Isle of Armor, unfortunately Game Freak has made it to where you have to purchase both together. You cannot buy them individually at all, though it’s possible that could change in the future.