Pokemon The Crown Tundra – How To Solve Legendary Clue 1

The first step to catching Calyrex.

by Dean James
Pokemon The Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s new The Crown Tundra expansion has a lot for you to explore, whether that’s just basic finding of Pokemon or pushing forward the story itself. Peony is a central part of that story, with him eventually giving you three Legendary Clues to solve as part of this. The first of these Legendary Clues is known as “The King of Bountiful Harvests,” which you can solve just after obtaining it.

How To Solve Legendary Clue 1

Legendary Clue 1 is given to you by Peony at your base camp house after you find him, along with two other clues. The first clue reads as “There’s a fairy tale in Freezington about the Legendary Pokemon known as the King of Bountiful Harvests. In the legends, the king is said to wear a massive crown on its head, but the wooden statue near the fields in the middle of the village shows not sign of a crown.”

The clue also comes along with the image included above as well, which shows the wooden statue of a horse Pokemon with something on the back. if you were paying attention, you should have noticed this very statue located right outside of the house Peony is located in on the other side of the fence.

When you go up to the statue though, you’ll notice that something is missing, as the crown on the mysterious Pokemon riding on the back of the horse Pokemon is missing the crown mentioned in the clue. You may have also noticed something that looked quite similar inside of the house, so at this point head back into your base camp house within Freezington.

When you look at the table, you’ll see something that resemble the missing crown. Go up to it and try to interact with it, which will have Peony come over and ask if you’re trying to take his pillow he found. He will let you have it and it will be added to your inventory. Now just head out front to the statue and interact with it to place the crown and the mysterious Pokemon Calyrex will appear and ask you to follow it.

At this point, Calyrex will have you battle him, though you can’t capture him right now. After the battle, he will possess Peony that shows up and explain that he’s looking for his steed and updates the Legendary Clue 1 to say “Calyrex appeared once I placed the crown on the statue of the King of Bountiful Harvests. Calyrex can apparently speak to humans by taking over a person’s body–Peony’s, in this case. Now I need to gather more information on the King of Bountiful Harvests from the people of the village!”

All you have to do now is go around the small town of Freezington and speak with the villagers that are available. The merchant doesn’t need to be talked to and the woman sitting outside of her house won’t talk to you either, so speak with everyone else. After this, head back to Calyrex and he will once against start talking about his missing steed again, which will have him ask you to go speak to the head of the village, aka the Mayor.

You should have seen the Mayor when you were talking to everyone about the King of Bountiful Harvests, but when you approach his house, you will be stopped and told that he’s not home. He can be found outside of Freezington, which you can read about in this guide.

After he returns to Freezington, head back yourself and speak to the Mayor right outside of his house. He will take you inside and instruct you to read the books on the nearby bookshelf, so head over and read the ones you want, but the important one is Hardy Crops for the Tundra.  After reading that one, head out of the house and you’ll see Calyrex yet again, so head back to the same area you interacted with him before and do so again.

This conversation will lead Calyrex to have you go plant Carrot Seeds in one of two fields, which will decide which steed shows up. This also updates the Legendary Clue 1 to say “Upon hearing that I was able to find Carrot Seeds, Calyrex told me about two fields where I can grow the carrots. I need to pick either the field covered in snow or the field by the graves and plant the seeds!”

Picking these will decide on whether you get an Ice type or Ghost type steed, so the choice is yours here. Either way, head to the field marked on your map that you want and plant the Carrot Seeds. Calyrex will show up and do a dance to immediately cause the Shaderoot or Iceroot Carrots to grow. Once it grows, go up and interact with it to pull it out. Calyrex now says he just needs the Reins of Unity to get his steed back, but this is when you’ll see the respective Pokemon, Spectrier or Glastrier, run by. The horse Pokemon is heading straight for Freezington, so this is where you want to go too.

Before you head back though, your Legendary Clue 1 will be updated a third time to say “Calyrex was able to grow a Shaderoot Carrot from the seeds I planted in the field by the graves! The scent of the carrot lured Spectrier out, but it ran off toward Freezington.” The message will obvious change if you went with the Iceroot Carrot instead.

Head for the center of Freezington where the fields are and the respective horse Pokemon will be there and challenge you to a battle. The battle shouldn’t be too hard, so just take it down and they will run off, but not without leaving behind a tuft of its mane behind that you will automatically pick up. This is what you will need to create the Reins of Unity that Calyrex talked about before, with the Mayor will also tell you about here.

Now go to the usual spot that Calyrex hangs out and speak to him again, where he will end up growing a Radiant Petal that you need. With this in tow, head back to the Mayor, who is in his house this time, and speak with him. When you get a choice, select “I need a favor,” which will have you ask him about making the Reins of Unity. He won’t have much luck, but Peony will arrive and help out and create the item we’ve been looking for.

After heading outside, you will speak with Calyrex who will tell you to meet him at the Crown Shrine. The Legendary Clue 1 also updates yet again to say “Using the mane hair I got by defeating the Pokemon that was once the king’s loyal steed along with the Radiant Petal grown by Calyrex itself, I was able to re-create the Reins of Unity! Now I need to head to the Crown Shrine, where the steed’s been living, to meet up with Calyrex!”

So now do exactly that and head for the talling peak in the area with the Crown Shrine, which you can reach through Giant’s Bed and following the left mountain the entire way until you reach another icy area known as Snowslide Slope. From here, just keep making your way through a few different areas while continuing to go up the mountain and you’ll eventually reach the Crown Shrine.

Walk right into the Crown Shrine and head up to where Calyrex and speak to him to initiate a cutscene. You’ll see a nearby basket, which you need to place the respective Carrot in and wait for the steed to arrive. At this point, the only thing we have left to do is fight Calyrex again and try to catch it after the cutscenes, so prepare your party to take it on, but this time as Shadow Rider Calyrex or Ice Rider Calyrex.

After the battle is over, the Legendary Clue 1 will update for the last time to say “Calyrex, the King of Bountiful Harvests, was able to reconnect with its loyal steed using the new Reins of Unity. Calyrex also seems to have regained its trust in humankind. As thanks for helping it regain its power, Calyrex is allowing me to take it along on my adventure.”

With that done, head back to Peony at base camp to wrap up the Legendary Clue 1 quest. Select the King of Bountiful Harvests when he asks what you want to report in on and he will officially mark it off as completed.

- This article was updated on October 25th, 2020