Pokemon The Crown Tundra – How To Beat and Catch Calyrex

The main legendary of the new expansion.

by Dean James
Pokemon The Crown Tundra

The Pokemon series has introduced legendary after legendary over the years, with each game adding new ones into the mix. That has also carried over to the Expansion Pass as well with the recent release of The Crown Tundra. Part of the main story of The Crown Tundra involves the new legendary known as Calyrex, which you will battle a couple different times, including an upgraded form later that you get the opportunity to catch.

How To Beat and Catch Calyrex

The first battle against Calyrex is quite simple, as you don’t have to worry about whittling down its health. This is because you need to reduce his HP to 0 and it will push the story forward as a result.

Calyrex is the very unique Psychic/Grass type here, so you’re just going to want to bring something to counter either of those. A good Dark type or Fire type could easily wreck Calyrex, so bring them along and you shouldn’t have too much trouble.

There’s a lot to do between this and the next fight against Calyrex that will lead you to be able to catch him. You can find that in the guide about Legendary Clue 1, which will walk you through how to get to that point. Eventually though, you will get to face off with Calyrex in one of two forms, which will depend on the steed that you chose when playing Carrot Seeds.

Planting the Carrot Seeds in the grave area and getting Shaderoot Carrots will have Spectrier as his steed, while placing them in the snow area and getting Iceroot Carrots will have Glastrier as his steed. If Spectrier was summoned, he will become the Psychic/Ghost type Shadow Rider Calyrex, while summoning Glastrier instead will make him become the Psychic/Ice type Ice Rider Calyrex.


Calyrex will ask you to challenge him here and if you can catch him, he will go with your on your journey. Due to the two type variations, make sure to bring a Pokemon that will help you out. The Shadow Rider Calyrex is obviously going to be 4x weak to both Dark and Ghost type moves, while Ice Rider Calyrex doesn’t have any 4x weaknesses, but has more 2x available, including Fire, Dark, Steel, Bug, Rock, and Ghost. Pick a good Pokemon to go into the battle, but also make sure to not pick one that’s too powerful, as you need to still catch them.

Regardless of which one you end up facing, they will be Level 80, so pick your Pokemon accordingly. Calyrex will also use Giga Drain too, which will restore his health, so be prepared to have to deal with that when trying to whittle down his health. Also don’t let the battle go on too long, especially if you’re going against Shadow Rider Calyrex. For that one in particular, he has an ability known as Grim Neigh, which keeps upping his Special Attack.

Also don’t forget that you should still have a Master Ball at your disposal, since Peony gave you one earlier in The Crown Tundra. For those that would prefer to save that, you can just whittle down his health and try to catch it the old fashioned way. Definitely make sure save before the battle though, because you always want to be able to reset and try again if you accidentally knock him out.