Pokemon The Crown Tundra – Galarian Star Tournament Guide

Welcome to the expansion post-game.

by Dean James
Pokemon The Crown Tundra

Turning in the third and final Legendary Clue to Peony may bring up a “The End” on the screen, but we are far from done with The Crown Tundra at this point. On top of the likely plenty more Pokemon to catch to catch in the area between the Dynamax Adventures and just out in the wild itself, there is a post-game tournament for you take part in known as the Galarian Star Tournament.

Galarian Star Tournament

The Galarian Star Tournament is unlocked at the tail end of The Crown Tundra after you have completed all three Legendary Clues and returned the fourth Legendary Clue to Peony in the Max Lair. As soon as you leave the Max Lair, you’ll get a phone call from the former champion Leon, who asks you to come to Wyndon Stadium for something.

Fly to Wyndon Stadium and make your way directly into the stadium itself, where you will be introduced to the Galarian Star Tournament along with many of the best trainers from Galar, including gym leaders and rivals. This tournament is team based though, with the battles being 2v2.

To start off, you have to pick a partner for your first go at the tournament, with you being very limited the first time around. Later on you will have a pick of more partners, but to start you can only choose between Hop and Marnie. Speak to your choice within the lobby and then go up to the entry desk to start the tournament.

In the Galarian Star Tournament, your partner and all opponents will have three Pokemon with them, though you still have all six of yours available to you in battle. The battle will go like a usual team battle goes, where you and your partner alternate picking attacks and trying to take down your two opponents. These feel like the gym battles throughout the game, as Dynamax plays a big role and you’re going to always see one of your opponents Dynamax before the battle is over.


The tournament starts with 16 total trainers, which means there are eight total teams. At the start, two of these trainers are listed as ???, which you will find out eventually. To win the whole tournament, you will have to win three straight battles, which you shouldn’t have too much trouble pulling off, especially with the number of Pokemon advantage that you have.

Each trainer will have Pokemon in the lower to mid 70 range, so plan your team accordingly. For those that have power leveled their entire team, this might be a time to try some other Pokemon to make it a bit more of a challenge, though you can also just run through them with ease if you would like too.

After you beat the Galarian Star Tournament for the first time, it will open up and be something you can compete in as much as you want moving forward. You can pick other partners this time and just keep playing to your heart’s content. Completing this tournament for the first time will also unlock the full final credits for the expansion complete with a band of Pokemon rocking out in front of a sold out stadium. As soon as you turn the game back on, you will be at the stadium entry counter and be rewarded with a Sport Uniform, 1,000,000 Pokemon dollars, and a Nugget.