Pokemon The Crown Tundra – How To Get New Clothes

Outfit your trainer with new duds.

by Dean James
Pokemon The Crown Tundra

The Pokemon series has allowed you to customize your trainer’s outfit for awhile now, with Pokemon Sword and Shield being no different. We saw The Isle of Armor expansion give you the Dojo Outfit, but now the brand new The Crown Tundra expansion also has a number of items to collect. Most of these aren’t even available until near the end of the expansion, so we have come up with a guide on where you can find some new duds.

How To Get New Clothes

The new clothes that can be acquired during The Crown Tundra is spread throughout the expansion, though a good bit of it comes later on. The first few that you will get are via a few familiar faces. Speaking to Peonia within the Max Lair will occasionally have her give you something that is a clothing accessory. These include a Futuristic Monocle and Futuristic Shades, so keep talking to her between Dynamax Adventure runs and you’ll eventually get both.

On your first visit to Freezington, as long as you’ve pushed the story along to where Peony and you are setting off on your adventure, the mayor will speak with you upon entering the small town. At this time, he will give you a Boatneck Sweatshirt (Freezington’s Fame). Now if you go speak with Peony in the base camp house, this will be followed up with him giving you the Expedition Uniform as well. This will be followed up by him giving you a Gold Expedition Uniform after you complete all three Legendary Clues.

Next up is going to be a wait until after you complete the Galarian Star Tournament in Wyndon in the post-game for The Crown Tundra. After you beat it for the first time and get the credits roll, start the game back up and find the man to the left within the lobby that is seen in the image at the top of the guide. This will also require you to have spoken with him in the train station prior on The Isle of Armor. This means if you don’t see him, you have to head to there and talk to him to cause him to appear back here. Now speak to him and he will give you the C x L Ensemble that includes a Hoodie and Patterned Tights. If you speak to him again, he will notice that you have caught either Regieleki or Regidrago and give you the Legendary R-E Hoodie or R-D Hoodie respectively.

The toughest clothing accessory to obtain in The Crown Tundra is definitely the Replica State Crown, which is given to you by the scientist within The Crown Tundra train station. Show her your completed The Crown Tundra Pokedex and they will reward you with the Replica State Crown. This scientist will also give you what is known as the Hex Nut Sport Cap if you have a Meltan or Melmetal in your party.