Warframe Weapons Used in Crafting

Your trash weapons may have multiple uses.

by Elliott Gatica

A big part of the time spent in Warframe is grinding. Unlock new areas to grind. Get cool new frames and other gear to help up the lethality in your arsenal. However, one of the more annoying aspects of the game is to grind for an item needed to grind for another item. Inventory management goes a long way in this game, so here are the weapons used in crafting for Warframe. Keep this as a checklist of sorts; you’ll need it.

Weapons Used for Crafting in Warframe

The following are weapons that need other weapons to be used for crafting.

Weapon Weapons Needed for Crafting
Afuris 2 Furis
Akbolto 2 Bolto
Akbronco 2 Bronco
Akbronco Prime 2 Bronco Prime
Akjagara 1 Akbolto, 1 Dual Skana
Aklex 2 Lex
Aklex Prime 2 Lex Prime
Akmagnus 2 Magnus
Aksomati 1 Akstiletto
Akvasto 2 Vasto
Akvasto Prime 2 Vasto Prime
Boltace 1 Boltor, 1 Kronen
Bolto 1 Lato
Cadus 1 Bo
Dark Split-Sword 1 Dual Skana
Dragon Nikana 1 Niakana
Dual Cestra 2 Cestra
Dual Kamas 2 Kama
Dual Raza 1 Dual Kamas
Heliocor 1 Gammacor
Hirudo 1 Kogake
Hystrix 1 Bolto, 1 Viper
Knux 1 Furax
Kulstar 1 Kraken
Lesion 1 Tipedo
Mutalist Cernos 1 Cernos
Panthera 1 Miter, 1 Hikou
Paracesis 1 Galatine
Proboscis Cernos 1 Mutalist Cernos
Redeemer 1 Dual Skana, 1 Vasto
Ripkas 1 Ankyros, 1 Dual Cleavers
Sarpa 1 Akstiletto
Shaku 1 Ninkondi
Sibear 1 Magistar
Sydon 1 Amphis
Tekko 1 Ankyros
Tiberon 1 Latron
Tipedo 1 Bo, 1 Kunai
Twin Basolk 1 Atomos, 1 Dual Zoren
Twin Grakatas 2 Grakata
Twin Kohmak 2 Kohmak
Twin Krohkur 2 Krohkur
Twin Vipers 2 Viper
War 1 Broken War
Zarr 1 Drakgoon

So, before you go ahead and delete your weapons, make sure they are not part of this list! It’ll be annoying to craft something, wait the 12 or 24 hours just to reobtain it, then use that to waste another 12 or 24 hours to craft one you didn’t get yet. It would be even more painful to delete Prime Weapons in the process since those oftentimes use multiple Orokin Cells to craft.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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