Warframe Prime Release Order: All Primed Frames From Launch to Now

Listing every frame that has been forged by the Orokin gold thus far.

by Elliott Gatica

We have come a long way since the release of the very first primed Warframe. Now with the game being nearly 10 years old at this point in time, we wonder, when did each Prime come out? What is the release order of each Prime Warframe? Here is a timeline showing when each one was released from launch until now.

Warframe Prime Release Order

Prime Warframe Release Date
Excalibur Prime December 12, 2012
Frost Prime May 3, 2013
Mag Prime September 13, 2013
Ember Prime November 20, 2013
Rhino Prime March 4, 2014
Loki Prime June 11, 2014
Nyx Prime September 24, 2014
Nova Prime December 17, 2014
Volt Prime March 25, 2015
Ash Prime July 7, 2015
Trinity Prime October 6, 2015
Saryn Prime February 16, 2016
Vauban Prime May 17, 2016
Nekros Prime August 23, 2016
Valkyr Prime November 22, 2016
Banshee Prime February 28, 2017
Oberon Prime May 30, 2017
Hydroid Prime August 29, 2017
Mirage Prime December 12, 2017
Zephyr Prime March 20, 2018
Limbo Prime June 19, 2018
Chroma Prime September 25, 2018
Mesa Prime December 18, 2018
Equinox Prime April 2, 2019
Wukong Prime July 6, 2019
Atlas Prime October 1, 2019
Ivara Prime December 17, 2019
Titania Prime March 31, 2020
Inaros Prime July 14, 2020
Nezha Prime October 27, 2020
Octavia Prime February 23, 2021
Gara Prime May 25, 2021
Nidus Prime September 8, 2021
Harrow Prime December 15, 2021
Garuda Prime March 28, 2022
Khora Prime July 16, 2022

While these Warframes are all currently available to some extent with the exception of Excalibur Prime, you won’t miss out too much when it comes to finding a power disparity between base form and Prime. However, they do come with more mastery points and more polarities right from the get-go, needing less forma.

Looking back at the order release of frames, you can gather that Prime frames are released 3 or 4 times a year, depending on the workload and other factors that impact Digital Extremes. Given that the release of the frames doesn’t match up in order, these can be subject to change. Finally, it should be noted that Prime releases are in a 2-female, 2-male order.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, and PC.

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