How to Get Ducats in Warframe

A currency used for some really useful items!

by Elliott Gatica

With how many currencies and farming techniques there are to get them in Warframe, one of the more unique ones is Ducats. They’re a special type of currency that can get you all sorts of bi-weekly items like Primed mods, special weapons, and cosmetics from Baro Ki’Teer. You’ll want a load of these to be prepared for every second weekend. Here’s how to get ducats in Warframe as well as how to farm for them.

How to Get Ducats in Warframe

Ducats, as previously mentioned, is one of the currencies in the game. They are earned by selling your Prime Warframe parts to the Ducat Trading kiosks in any relay. You cannot sell fully constructed primes like weapons or the actual Warframes. These parts are acquired by playing Void Relic Fissure missions. Depending on the rarity of the prime part, the value of each piece may vary.

Typically, these are the ducat prices for the rarities

  • Rare: 100 Ducats
  • Vaulted Rare: 65 Ducats
  • Uncommon: 45 Ducats
  • Vaulted Uncommon: 25 Ducats
  • Common: 15 Ducats

How to Farm for Ducats

Following the value tables above, the rare parts are definitely worth the most. Before you outright sell anything, you want to make sure you either do not want the part or you already crafted the item that this Prime part is used for. It’s always best to run an inventory check to make sure you won’t sell something that you grinded hard for.


What you can do instead is look for items like the Braton, Burston, Paris, Orthos, or Fang Prime weapons. These weapons have never been vaulted, so they are always reliable in terms of grinding without the fear of them going away. Their parts will usually range between 15 to 25 per unit, but that adds up after running a few hours of Relic missions.

An even faster, but somewhat costly way of getting primed parts to sell is to go to the Trade Chat while in the Orbiter or your Clan Dojo. Make a post that you’re buying “junk” or “trash” Prime parts. These usually refer to the excess commons and uncommon things that people are sitting on. Never buy each part for more than 5 platinum since these can easily be obtained. While you buy these junk parts in bulk, you then take them to the Ducat kiosk in a Relay and stack up on a bunch of them!

It’ll be even better to grind for a lot so you’ll have some for Baro’s next visit.

Warframe is free to play now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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