How to Get 5 Kills Within 3 Seconds in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

Kahl is out for blood in this challenge.

by Elliott Gatica

In Kahl’s latest weekly mission, he’ll have an assortment of new side objectives to complete. Ranging from freeing his brothers from Narmer’s Veil and so forth, there are some tricky challenges in this, specifically the “Kahl Kill Quick” challenge. It requires you to get 5 kills within 3 seconds in Kahl’s Junk Run mission in Warframe, so here’s how to do that.

How to Get 5 Kills Within 3 Seconds in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

This challenge is going to be the toughest of the bunch because Kahl doesn’t have the high-damage AoE potential that our Warframes do. Plus, his missions usually do not tend to have dense enemy numbers as typical missions do. You’ll have to be more methodical and play around with the enemies, hoping they’ll get close enough to do enough damage and finish that challenge in the allotted time.

To increase your chances of completing the challenge, just play through the mission until you get to the bridge area. You’ll know you’re there because Daughter, or as Kahl calls her, “Blue Girl,” will tell you that there’s “some bigger firepower for you ahead.” What she’s referencing is the Ayanga you can pick up. It’s a variant of the Kuva Ayanga Archwing weapon, but for ground use. It’s also different in the sense that there are only 4 rounds per mag, but with an increased reload speed.

Once you pick that up, more Sentient enemies will spawn on the bridge, almost as a way for you to give this newly acquired gun a spin. There may not be enough enemies spawning in this section to do so. A good trick to pull is to lure enemies from the previous section while combining the new ones here. Throw your stun and napalm grenades and go to town with the Ayanga.

What you should know is that squadmates’ kills do not count toward this challenge. You have to be the one to strike the final blow on the 5 enemies. You can either choose to not free them from the Veil or, if you do, make them hold positions elsewhere to get your challenge.

Alternatively, you can do this during the boss fight as constant waves of Sentients attack, but you run the risk of dying.

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- This article was updated on September 20th, 2022

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