Where to Rescue 5 Ostrons in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

Kahl save friend.

by Elliott Gatica

Kahl-175 has had a change of heart from being at the forefront of the initial invasion in The New War to the events after Veilbreaker. The Queens abandoned him; he sees red when it comes to Sentiens and Narmer, so all who are not them are his brothers. In the latest Kahl’s Junk Run mission in Warframe, he has a side task to rescue 5 Ostrons, so here is where you can locate them.

Where to Rescue 5 Ostrons in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

Luckily, and unlike other challenges you’ll want to complete in this mission, the prisoners will be in the same spot every time. There are a total of five Ostrons being held captive in cages that you can open for them. Of course, you’ll want to clear the area of any Sentients or Narmer-Vailed Grineer so you won’t get interrupted or killed in doing so.

You won’t start finding the prisoners until you get to the wide area with the sentries and spark traps. This is in the area where number 3 is labeled. From this point, the mission would continue if you head in the direction of sites 4 and 5. To rescue all the prisoners, you do have to go left, towards 1 and 2.


Though they aren’t labeled in the correct order that you’d encounter the Ostrons in, they are listed in a way to check off if you may have missed one along the way, starting from left to right. Conveniently enough, prisoner number 4 is located right where you’d find the Thumper parts for Chipper’s shop.

One final thing to note is that, while completing this side objective, you have to rescue all five Ostrons in one run. Otherwise, you’ll have to redo the challenge. You can’t rescue 2 and then 3 on your next run. Now that you completed this challenge, you’re that much closer to buying out all of Chipper’s offerings.

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