Where to Collect 5 Genestamps in Kahl’s Junk Run Mission in Warframe

Kahl never forget.

by Elliott Gatica

A majority of the side objectives in Kahl’s Veilbreaker missions in Warframe have to do with exploring off the beaten path and finding lots of collectibles. It can be a bit of a slow task because you have to be extra vigilant of items spread throughout. Worry not, because in this week’s mission, Kahl’s Junk Run, we can show you where to collect the 5 Genestamps.

Where to Collect 5 Genestamps in Kahl’s Junk Run in Warframe

Unlike the other Kahl challenges where you can find extra Thumper Parts in the same spot, this one will contain five different locations. However, we have an in-game map with red dots to indicate areas where the Genestamps would be located.. It’ll go beyond the five that we found in our runs.


In total, there seem to be 13 different locations in which you can find these Genestamps. You can get an idea of where they might be because they’re kind of like the Warframe equivalent of dog tags. This means you’re going to find these on the dead bodies of Kahl’s fallen brothers out on the mission. When you’re just going about and see a dead Grineer laying lifeless against a wall or on the ground, there is a possibility that a Genestamp could be there.

The game will also indicate if there is one on the dead body because a mission marker will pop up when you’re close enough. Once you are, you’ll also be able to interact with it as you see on the header image above. When Kahl picks up a Genestamp, not only will the game tell you that you have added one more to the side mission counter, but he’ll give a sentimental piece on how that Brother won’t be forgotten.


This challenge won’t count if you kill the Veiled Grineer who actively attacks you during the mission. They are specifically there to be freed from Narmer’s grasp by using the stun grenades and the QTE sequence.

Like other side objectives that require multiple finds, you must find all five Genestamps in one run. If you collect a few in one, the progress won’t carry over.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2022

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