Best Ignis Wraith Build in Warframe (2022)

Ignite all your foes to a crisp.

by Elliott Gatica

If there is a weapon that is a must-have, it would be the Grineer flamethrower, the Ignis Wraith. It’s more than meets the eye, being a direct upgrade from its base counterpart. It can also put in so much work at both the early game trash mobs and endgame right the right setup. So, here is the best build you can use for the Ignis Wraith in Warframe.

Best Ignis Wraith Build in Warframe

As mentioned earlier, it can be used for both the early game and the end game. For this build, it’ll be split to suit both needs.

Ignis Wraith Best Early Game Build


This build is labeled as Speed Run because it sacrifices some DPS for utility and AoE. you’re more than likely going to use this when you’re cracking relics for Prime Warframes.

There are also a lot of mods in this build that may not be so easily accessible to newer players like the Primed or Galvanized mods. In any case, you can just swap these with their base counterparts. The normal Split Chamber, Shred, and Firestorm can still do the job just fine.

For the Galvanized Rifle Aptitude, you can replace this with one of the following mods:

  • Heavy Caliber
  • Hammer Shot
  • Hunter Munitions
  • Vigilante Armaments

As mentioned earlier, you want to have good burst DPS to take on most star chart enemies while also maximizing room clearing potential.

Even with the recent nerfs to a lot of weapons that deal splash damage, weapons like the Ignis Wraith are still good at what they do. There may be some ammo economy issues that happen from time to time, but with how much you kill enemies, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Best Ignis Wraith Late Game/ End Game Build


This build is called “All-Purpose” because it can easily chew through heavily armored enemies like Grineer Bombards and Corrupted Heavy Gunners. It’s going to have significantly less AoE than the early game one, but it will be much more lethal. Since this is a late-game build, you should have access to all or most of these mods.

The Ignis Wraith can even heavily benefit from Condition Overload. If you have a melee weapon with that mod equipped, you can spray a few enemies and inflict them with status effects while you wail away at them with additional melee damage.

What you will notice from both builds is that I have the Primary Merciless arcane equipped. Yes, that is an extremely late-game item to have, so it only squeezes more out of an already good weapon. It becomes more necessary for the late-game build but will do fine if not equipped with the early-game build.

This is only one of the weapons we consider to be top-tier in Warframe. If you like other weapons that can dominate the battlefield, you’re in for a treat to satiate that power fantasy in-game.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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