How to Get Tatsu Prime Relics in Warframe

Don't skip out grinding for this two-handed Nikana.

by Elliott Gatica

The Tatsu Prime, the golden-trimmed upgrade to the original, is yet another must-have for your arsenal. Being released alongside Revenant Prime, this is the perfect long-ranged melee weapon that will make mincemeat of all who oppose you. If you decide to take the farming route instead of buying Prime Access, here’s how to get the Relics needed for the Tatsu Prime in Warframe.

All Needed Tatsu Prime Relics in Warframe

This will be an easier Prime weapon to acquire, given that you only need three parts compared to Revenant Prime.

  • Tatsu Prime Handle – Axi T10 – Rare
  • Tatsu Prime Blueprint – Lith H6 – Common
  • Tatsu Prime Blade – Neo T6 – Uncommon

Even though the Tatsu Prime requires only three parts, you need a whopping 15 Orokin Cells to craft it once you get everything else. These only come as single units when dropped, unless you have something like a resource booster to double the gains. Once again, the same farming methods apply if you’re trying to cut down grinding time for something like the Phantasma Prime.

Additionally, now that this weapon requires Axi and Neo relics, you’ll have to do some grinding in higher-leveled missions. The most consistent place to get them is in Mot. It’s a survival mission in the Void unlocked from the Sedna progression route in the Star Chart.

Be prepared for a tough grind, though. Mot is the hardest mission here, with enemies that scale quickly the longer you’re in. Every A and B rotation, you will earn a nearly guaranteed Neo Relic. Every C rotation grants you Axi Relics. Note that with every reward rotation, you may be given Aya instead.

Still, this place is the most consistent since you’re guaranteed some kind of Void Relic every 5 minutes. Even if you don’t get the ones you need for Tatsu Prime, you can use these as dumps just to get a cheap Prime part and Void Traces.

You’ll especially want the Void Traces for upgrading Relic tiers. They increase the likelihood of rarer drops when you finally crack those that contain Tatsu parts.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on October 6th, 2022

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