How to Farm Polymer Bundles in Warframe

Follow this and you will be set with this material for some time.

by Elliott Gatica

If there’s any material you’re probably going to farm for the most in Warframe, it’s for Polymer Bundles. They seem to be needed in several weapons and even frame parts. You’re going to need probably more of them than you’d need Plastids or other materials. In any case, here is the best place you can get them.

Best Polymer Bundles Farm in Warframe

This resource can be found on Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. Do not bother farming it on the first two planets since it’s much more uncommon on those planets. Go to Uranus since it’s a common resource there.

Once at the planet, you should play the node, Ophelia. This is a survival mission where you will face the Grineer. These are specifically the sealab Drekar variants, so expect tougher heavies and even some Manics. With a strong loadout like our unkillable Revenant Prime build, you can survive very long here, mowing down enemies in your path.

The longer you stay on this mission, the tougher your enemies will get. In return, the chances of them dropping resources on kill will significantly increase. You’ll be stockpiling more Polymer Bundle in no time!

If you want to grind even more efficiently, take this mission on in The Steel Path. The enemies will be a lot stronger, but the drops will be worth your time. At this point, you may even want to consider using some of the better weapons of the game. It won’t be easy to kill enough enemies to maintain life support at safe levels.

You need some of the best mods or loadouts for weapons to really tear through these beefed-up enemies. Rest assured, even doing a 20-minute run will be worth your time. Not only will you get tons of Polymer Bundles, but you’ll also get heavily sought-out resources like Gallium and Tellurium.

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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