Does Warframe Have Cross Progression?

by Elliott Gatica
Does Warframe Have Cross Progression?

As an excellent way to wrap up significant updates in 2022 for the Tenno, we have received cross-play. No longer are we divided by platform. We can all form a squad regardless of what system we play on and take on all the content in the game. Of course, now with cross-play enabled, does Warframe have cross progression? We can explain this below.

Does Warframe Have Cross Progression?

As of right now, the game does not have cross progression. The team at Digital Extremes calls it “cross-platform save”, which they have also stated is not currently available, “but we will keep the Community updated on when they can take part in cross-platform save”. 

Newer players may not know about this, but back before Warframe even had cross-play or any sort of inter-platform syncing, there were periods when players could migrate their accounts from one platform to another. While that was the only form of possible cross progression back in the day, the team at DE is looking to expand it and have it available on the fly.

When Will Cross Progression Come Out in Warframe?

As stated earlier, the community will be updated when there is more news on it. As Digital Extremes states further on the matter, this feature will be added later down the line “once the full suite of cross-platform play features has been established”. 

Since cross-platform play just came out in late November, a handful of hotfixes have been rolled out to stabilize the game and connection between the platforms. Stay tuned for when the first DevStream happens. It’ll most likely be a hot-button topic given that this was originally prioritized over cross-platform play. 

There are things like in-game premium currency like Platinum to take into consideration and how these types of currencies don’t transfer from platform to platform in games with cross-save. Other things that may have syncing or exclusivity issues are the PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch-exclusive skins offered in the consoles’ respective booster packs.

This feature is definitely coming out in 2023. It’s just a matter of when and with what update. 

Warframe is free to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 6th, 2023

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