10 Best Warframe Nightmare Mods

These mods will keep you at peak performance Tenno.

by Gordon Bicker
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Warframe has a vast array of mods for you to find and choose from during your playthrough. There are of course some more sought-after mods such as the Nightmare Mods — gained by completing Nightmare Mode missions. This article will list some of the best Nightmare Mods in Warframe and these are listed in no particular order.

Best Nightmare Mods to Get in Warframe

10. Constitution

Nightmare mods are mods that affect two stats in no negative way so they will always be a benefit to you. Constitution will increase both your Power Duration and Knockdown recovery. This is a mod that is greatly useful to have; especially so because it increases your overall Power Duration which means a longer ability time.

9. Lethal Torrent

A mod for your secondary weapons. It will give you a multishot chance and increase your overall fire rate for the weapon. The multishot chance is what really makes this mod a standout compared to others — it can take your secondary weapon to the highest echelons of greatness. If you are about to be clearing a room of enemies that multishot chance can make all the difference.

8. Animal Instinct

Even though this is a mod for your companion it should not be underestimated in any way. This ensures you have an increased enemy detection radar and loot radar. If you are about to be searching around various areas for specific resources; this will be of incredible benefit.

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7. Shred

This will increase your fire rate and punch through for rifles and bows. Since Shred increases your Fire Rate times two for bows — you should have this as part of your build if you commonly use Bows. Nonetheless, it is still great to have for any of your other rifle based weapons as part of your arsenal.

6. Focus Energy

Melee wielders won’t have to look any longer for a mod that acts as an all-rounder to complement any build. This will add Electricity to your melee weapon attacks and it also will increase heavy Melee Attack Efficiency. Between this mod and Shred you will be prepared for plenty of missions.

5. Blaze

If you are a Tenno who tends to use shotguns over any other weapon then Blaze is going to be a must-have for you. Since this mod is specifically for shotguns — you will have the upper edge over others. This increases both your shotgun damage and adds heat (fire) damage to the weapon.

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4. Vigor

Another Warframe mod that packs a punch. This increases your health and shield; needless to say this is a mod that is used by many across the community. You are essentially getting what would be two amazing solo mods in one.

3. Armored Agility

In combination with Vigor, Armored Agility can be the ace up your sleeve. Considering that it benefits both your Sprint Speed and Armor it is brilliant for a range of builds. It is a mod that can cover your back in a lot of situations. The Sprint Speed doesn’t really make too much of a difference — but the Armor increase will likely be the main focus of the mod for you.

2. Hammer Shot

Hammer Shot is another rifle mod that increases your Status Chance and your Critical Hit Damage. If you are going to be going into a particularly tough area then this Nightmare Mod will be worth having in your arsenal. The Critical Hit Damage increase will allow you to inflict even more damage upon the enemies you are eliminating.

1. Fortitude

This will give you more resistance to being knocked down by enemies and also increase your shield charging rate. This is a mod that can be incredible for keeping your lower-level Warframes extra protected in the field. However, you can also opt to use it on your most powerful Warframes too.

No matter what mission you are about to take on — you will be well protected with these mods Tenno. No need to worry any longer about being underpowered in general activities you choose to take part in. The best Warframe Nightmare mods are awaiting you, time to take your ship to the next Nightmare mission.

- This article was updated on March 13th, 2023

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