How to Farm Cryptographic ALU For the Razorback Armada Event in Warframe

You will never need to farm for this resource again after a few dozen runs.

by Elliott Gatica
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Attention Tenno, you are probably here because the Razorbacks are back. We have to band together to fend them off before they destroy another relay. Luckily, the Lotus has given us the Razorback Cipher to craft so we can do so. However, you need to farm Cryptographic ALU to craft these in Warframe, so we can help you with how to do that.

How to Farm Cryptographic ALU in Warframe

This is a time-limited resource available in all Corpus-occupied archwing missions. It’s also obtainable in railjack missions. The planets you can visit to get this resource are Venus, Phobos, Jupiter, and Neptune. In terms of railjack, you can find them occupying Venus, Neptune, Pluto, and parts of the Veil Proximas

Now, if you want to maximize how many units of Cryptographic ALU you get in a short time, head over to Salacia in Neptune. This is a mobile defense mission where you have three points to defend.

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The reason why this mission is good for farming, in particular, is that it’s oftentimes occupied by many random players. More players mean that more enemies will spawn. Salacia already has a lot of enemies spawning when playing the objective, so there means more chances of resources dropping.

Of those resources, the Cryptographic ALU can drop. It’s best to use the Itzal Archwing. Use the Cosmic Crush ability often, as it also acts like a vacuum to obtain all nearby resource drops. With the number of enemies killed, it’s hard to collect everything without it.

What is unfortunate is that Cryptographic ALU won’t pop up on your screen like other rare resources like Tellurium. You have to see if you collected it at the bottom of your screen. You can also check your mission progress to see how much you have collected so far in your mission.

Luckily, these missions take somewhere around 8 to 11 minutes. You should also collect at least 10 units of this item per run, which is enough to craft 2 Razorback Ciphers. With all that collected, just farm up Polymer Bundle and Gallium and you’re set on playing the event mission.

- This article was updated on March 16th, 2023

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