How to Get the Kaithe Mount in Warframe

Here is how you can get this trusty steed.

by Christian Bognar
Duviri Paradox Kaithe Mount
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The Duviri Paradox update for Warframe brings various new features and add-ons for the long-running game. These updates include new upgrades, melee weapons, skin and customization assets, and much more. The Duviri Paradox update also allows players to get their very own Kaithe Mount! This guide will walk you through how to claim the Kaithe Mount companion and start riding it today.

Where to Get the Kaithe Mount in Warframe

The Kaithe Mount is a “trusty steed that players can rely on to carry them above, below, and through the many islands of Duviri,” according to the main Duviri Paradox update page. Players must complete the Duviri Paradox Quest to claim this mount — the main add-on quest included in the update. Once this is achieved, the player will be rewarded with the Kaithe Mount. The Kaithe Mount is customizable for the player, where they can add to the horse through in-game market packs.

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How to Start the Duviri Paradox Quest

For returning players, The Duviri Paradox Quest can be started right when players get access to their Codex in the game halfway through the “Vors Prize” quest. Newcomers to Warframe can bypass the Codex requirement entirely by skipping the journey in Vorz Prize and starting in Duviri instead. The Duviri Paradox Quest is a solo experience.

Alongside the Kaithe Mount, the additional rewards for completing the quest include The Sun and Moon Melee Weapon, The Sun and Moon Melee Weapon Blueprint, The Mountain’s Edge Dual Nikanas Stance Mod, and access to The Duviri Experience with The Lone Story and The Circuit modes.

So there you have it, how to get the Kaithe Mount in Warframe. To learn more about the latest update to Warframe, feel free to check out the official page, where the developers go into detail about everything included. You will learn about the new modes, everything the Kaithe Mount can do, and much more!

- This article was updated on April 27th, 2023

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