The Best Minecraft Bedrock Mobile Seeds: Ancient Cities, Desert Villages, Axolotl Fun, and More

Wonderful and unique worlds, right in your pocket!

by Thomas Cunliffe

Looking for interesting seeds for Minecraft Bedrock on mobile devices? Seeds can be entered before creating a world and will dictate how the world is procedurally generated, as well as where you, the player, will spawn. In this list, we will cover the best seeds for new Minecraft worlds on mobile devices, such as iPhone and iPad, as well as Android phones and tablets.

These seeds could provide you with a bizarre world with unique formations, useful starting points for Survival mode, rare spawns you’d be lucky to see through normal gameplay, and everything in between! Simply pick your favorite seed, enter it before creating your brand-new world, and enjoy.

The Best Minecraft Bedrock Mobile Seeds

Woodland Mansion

Seed: 165605352

This seed will spawn you directly on top of a gigantic woodland mansion, surrounded by a dark forest. Not only will you have your very own mansion from the start, but easy access to some uncommon achievements. Once you’ve cleared out the wandering Evoker and claimed your brand new estate, you will earn the ‘Feeling Ill’ achievement. You can then use the Totem of Undying that the Evoker drops upon defeat to earn the ‘Cheating Death’ achievement.

Ancient City Metropolis


Seed: 2837031034737048010

While the focus point of this seed isn’t directly at spawn, the distance needed to travel to see this spectacle is truly worth it — especially if you have yet to discover biomes from ‘The Wild‘ update. Head to the coordinates (-1000, -39, 28), and you’ll land in a colossal ancient city merged with the dripstone cave and deep dark biomes, creating possibly the most breathtaking scene possible in Minecraft without using mods. We highly recommend investigating the world for yourself, as screenshots alone absolutely do not do this seed justice.

Lush Cave with Axolotls and Glow Squid


Seed: 89276354

Axolotls quickly became a fan favorite when they were first introduced to Minecraft in the ‘Caves and Cliffs‘ update, and it’s easy to see why with their adorable designs. If you have yet to see an axolotl during your adventures, this Minecraft Bedrock mobile seed is perfect for you. The world will spawn you in the Dark Forest biome surrounded by large oak trees and mushrooms. Simply dig underground to the coordinates (-16,16,54), and you’ll find yourself in the ‘lush caves‘ biome, which features axolotls, tropical fish, and even glow squid!

Island Survival


Seed: -2108063506

The perfect island for any traditional Minecraft mobile survival adventure. Those looking for a unique challenge can find one with this seed, which features a number of smaller islands completely surrounded by water. With only a few trees, the occasional animal, and mostly barren land, you’ll need to gather your wits to survive. Will you explore the caves below for resources, or possibly craft your own rowboat and escape? The choice is yours!

Diverse Biomes


Seed: 5890542

This seed is one of the best for Survival mode in Minecraft Bedrock on mobile devices. The world generated from this seed features a massive number of biomes of all different types, both in the overworld and underground. Not only are there hours upon hours of biomes to explore, but just about any resource you could possibly need close by. Interested more in creative mode? No problem! The contrast of diverse biomes makes for excellent backdrops for all your creations.

Bees, Horses, and Pillagers — Oh My!


Seed: 4009

This Minecraft Bedrrock Mobile seed is perfect for animal lovers, spawning you directly into a Flower Forest surrounded by bees. If you decide to explore underground, you will find a deep dark cave and ancient city, guarded by the fearsome Warden. Just don’t forget to enchant your tools first. Travelling South, you’ll also come across a Pillager outpost and a Village in the plains biome, where you can scout out a new pet cat, or build a stable for the many horses galloping nearby.

Eroded Badlands


Seed: 200

If you’re looking for more of a unique backdrop for your base, this seed is for you. The nearby desert village is beautifully contrasted with the vast terracotta hills and open dripstone Caves placed behind it. A sand temple and Pillager outpost are only a short distance away, allowing you to gather plenty of resources from the beginning.

While these Minecraft seeds are perfect for various Minecraft Bedrock mobile adventures in Creative and Survival mode, they can also be used to create your very own server to play with friends, even when you’re not on your phone or tablet.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2022

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