Best Minecraft House Ideas: Top 10 House Designs for Your Next World

Learn about some of the best house designs that Minecraft has to offer!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers hoping to live it up in style in the world of Minecraft, knowing the kind of house you should be building can make or break the experience. No matter if you’re hoping to live it up in a mansion, or just a humble home, knowing how to build a proper home in the perfect style makes this adventure more exciting.

There are so many different options available, especially since Minecraft is all about creativity and exploration. However, if you’re playing in Survival or Hardcore mode, having a place to stay at night can ensure that players make it to the next day. You won’t even need to sign up for Minecraft Snapshot to make something like this happen, as all of the tools needed are available in the base game.

Top 10 Best Minecraft House Designs

Depending on the amount of time that players have, there are countless ways that gamers can put homes together. However, alongside all of the possibilities, there are ways that players can gussy up their favorite designs and make them their own. You don’t need to follow alongside every step, but players can build and create to their heart’s desire.

10. Mountain Base – ItsMarloe


Players hoping to build a unique home should look into this Mountain Side Base, as it gives players plenty of protection from the elements, mobs, and everything in between. Not only is it comfortable and cozy, but it’s also something you’ve maybe never thought of trying before. Overall, this is a rather exciting way to do something a little out of the ordinary in your newest Minecraft world.

9. Starter House With Mine Entrance – Foxel


For gamers hoping to build an adorable home that mixes form and function, this Starter House is the perfect chance to flex your creative muscle. Not only will players have the cutest house on the block, but the Mine Entrance that leads players into the depths below also gives players the best chance of surviving through these terrifying nights. Minecraft fans should keep this in mind next time they’re hoping to build a new home for themselves and their friends.

8. Aesthetic Cottagecore – Croissant Cat


Mixing not only beauty but also form and function, this Cottagecore Home is one of the prettiest designs that gamers can look into creating. No matter if you’re going through Survival, or messing around in Creative mode, this is one of the easier homes to build in the long run. However, the interior is something that can be completely customized to your liking to make sure it fits your world perfectly.

7. Survival Farm House – SheepGG


This Survival Farm House is quite practical for many different reasons. Keeping players off of the ground and away from the plethora of mobs that could be in their world, while keeping multiple different plant sources around, players could combine this particularly useful house with a horse stable to ensure that they’ve always got the high ground in all encounters.

6. Big Cottage House – BigTonyMC


This massive Cottage Home not only looks great but offers plenty of space for gamers looking to customize and create inside. For those playing Multiplayer, this could be the perfect home, as multiple players could inhabit this home without running into each other or taking up too much space. Players can add and remove features as they go, and make this Cottage the perfect fit for everyone involved.

5. Big Cabin – Greg Builds


While this Cabin may not be the most aesthetically pleasing home on this list, players will see that this offers more than just a pretty face. Players can store a fair number of items and even beds inside this quaint little cabin, and it could even be used as a secondary home while adventuring out in the wild. Quick and easy to put together, this home is great for first-time builders or seasoned veterans alike.

4. Small Survival House – A1MOSTADDICTED MINECRAFT


This Small Survival House is going to be perfect for gamers hoping to make it through the night without taking any damage, but also has that aesthetic vibe that other homes have to offer. While there isn’t much wiggle room within these walls, those that need just the necessities can build on and make a few more of these adorable homes shortly to complete the neighborhood. Or, keeping it simple never hurts either.

3. Small Castle – TheMythicalSausage


Gamers hoping to get a little medieval, this Small Castle could be the build of your dreams. Not only is it one of the easier builds on this list overall, but it is also quite pleasing to put together and has plenty of room for improvement and expansion. Players can lay this foundation and let it grow as their adventuring skills grow, giving them the perfect adventure haven when they’re done with battle.

2. Simple Taiga Starter Home


For those hoping to find the most aesthetically pleasing starter home, this Taiga Starter House could be the perfect build to get those creative juices flowing. Following along with the linked tutorial gives gamers the perfect chance to start trying out different ideas while building, but the ability to implement other designs from different builds makes this a great choice for those familiar with the game.

1. Small Wooden Survival House – Tanol Games


Tiny houses are all the rage these days, and this small survival house fits all of the necessities into this living space, and not too much more. While this may not be the most impressive house on this list, it’s quite amazing to see what players can fit inside its walls. A chest, a stove, and a bed may be all you need to survive, and this encapsulates it perfectly.

With these amazing house designs, players will have everything they need and more to get started on the adventure of a lifetime. Creativity is key when it comes to enjoying everything that Minecraft has to offer, and starting with these amazing builds can help players start making some unique designs in the future.

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023

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