10 Best Minecraft Animal Farm Ideas

Need a boost of inspiration for a new Animal Farm? Find out some of the best here!

by Shaun Cichacki

For those that want to make their perfect Minecraft world, creating not only an excellent starter home but also an animal farm to get some extra materials could help make an amazing game even better. No matter if players are trying out a new Hardcore Mode world, or hoping to jump into the game with some friends, having great Animal Farm ideas is great knowledge to have.

But, what exactly is an Animal Farm, and why should players want to build one? There are countless reasons, but follow along with our list and find out some of the best ideas players have created over the years. Learn and start getting creative after finding out some of the best Animal Farm ideas!

Best Animal Farm Ideas For Minecraft

Minecraft players love the sheer number of non-hostile mobs that are available in the game, and Animal Farms may be one of the best ways to either breed for rarer variants or harvest them for extra meals on their survival journey. Let’s find some of the best animal farm designs, or figure out how to do something simple like a horse stable to keep animals safe.

10. Small Stone Animal Farm – WolfAtari


Gamers hoping to find a simple and easy Stone Animal Farm to get started with should look into this particular storage solution. Not only will players have the perfect opportunity to start saving up a fair number of animals, but the separated areas allow the animals to have room to explore and roam while keeping different types of animals in the same place.

9. Animal Barn – Gorillo


This adorable little Animal Barn offers plenty of storage for animals and food, but could also double as an extra place to sleep, thanks to the loft at the top of it. Players that are hoping to make it through the night may need to have a spot to run and hide when things get a bit too hairy, so making a barn could be one of the simplest ways to make that happen.

8. Large Open Animal Barn – Melthie


For those that feel bad cramping their animals up inside and want them to have some fresh air, this Open Animal Barn could be the perfect solution. Offering plenty of room for all different types of animals, gamers will have nothing to worry about while they explore the world around them, as hostile mobs will not be able to access this beautiful location.

7. Simple Barn – FenX Builds


This Simple Barn has a bit more than meets the eye, thanks to the fenced-in areas surrounding it. Not only will gamers be able to keep their favorite animals inside without needing to worry about them getting hurt by others or hostile mobs, but a small fence on the outside gives them a sense of freedom as they graze in the sun. Quite cute, and can be paired with an equally adorable house.

6. Big Barn – One Team


For those hoping to house plenty of different animals, this Big Barn may fit your aesthetic and set up perfectly. Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, but offers plenty of room for customization in the future. Looking to incorporate some different animals in the future? Use the open plain in the front to install some water for aquatic animals, or get crazy with some wild hybrids!

5. Chicken Coop – Gorillo


While Cows and Pigs may offer a valuable source of Meat in Minecraft, you can’t neglect one of the most important animals in the game. This adorable little Chicken Coop gives players the perfect chance to start gathering plenty of eggs, as they are not only good for your but can be used in countless different recipes that the game has to offer.

4. Big Animal Farm – dudieboy


Another beautiful addition to this list, this Big Animal Farm offers players the chance to breed plenty of different animals, so they will be able to claim many rewards for their efforts. Not only does this just look incredible, but it also has a plethora of different uses in the long run, from a shelter to hide out in when things get rough, to plenty of storage options for all sorts of animals.

3. Simple Animal Farm – Skrynnik Dima


Small and practical, this Simple Animal Farm gives players the basic needs to keep their animals happy and can be built in a matter of minutes with the correct parts. This is going to be a lifesaver for those trying to make it through a rough Survival run, as it keeps animals safe and sound without needing to expend plenty of materials to make it happen.

3. Huge Barn For Farming – Zaypizel


This is something that breeders and those hoping to stock up on materials will love to have, as this Huge Barn is more than capable of storing and saving every bit and bob the players will need. Not only does it have a quick and easy horse storage facility on the outside, but the amount of space inside is rather staggering, as players hope to keep pushing forth in their adventures and will continue bringing in new animals to this spacious barn.

2. Cottagecore Barn – sillyblocks


It seems that countless creators are loving the idea of Cottagecore, as its general design aesthetic even made it onto our homes list. However, this is not only beautiful but rather practical for gamers of all skill levels to accomplish. And the best part of it all is that it is still rather useful, giving gamers plenty of room to store their favorite animals in a comfy cozy spot.

1. Aesthetic Animal Barn – LennyRandom


Players hoping to build something straight out of a storybook need to check out this Aesthetic Barn and start building one as soon as possible. Not only is it large without being overwhelming, but it’s also quite easy to throw together and will allow gamers the perfect chance to spruce up their local area without tons of effort. That, and it’s just generally very pleasing to look at and see how nice it is.

Now that players have some great ideas, there has never been a better time to get into the world of Minecraft. No matter if players are hoping to jump onto their browser and start building a world with EaglerCraft or Slope, or hope to try out the newest Snapshot, these Animal Farms will give gamers the boost of inspiration they need to make the best Minecraft world they’ve ever made!

Minecraft is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Devices, and PC.

- This article was updated on January 30th, 2023

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