Everything You Need To Know About The Minecraft x Crocs Crossover

Crocs have Sport Mode, but do these have Survival Mode?

by Shaun Cichacki

Another day, another bizarre crossover that we never knew we needed, but are glad actually happened. Gamers around the globe that are fans of the comfortable and stylish Crocs shoes have a new reason to boot into Minecraft today, as players have a chance to claim some free digital goodies alongside some real-world drip.

But, what brought the Minecraft x Crocs collaboration to life, and why is this one of the most hilarious and amazing things to happen to the game yet? Let’s dive in and find out what players can expect to find in real life, and if they’ll be able to match their avatar in the game.

Minecraft x Crocs – How To Claim Free Crocs In-Game

Not only will players have a chance to get a pair of Minecraft Crocs in real life, but they can match up with their digital avatar in the game, as well. Thankfully, while real Crocs can demand a fairly hefty price tag, players hoping to switch to Sport Mode in the game will not have to pay a dime.

All players will need to do is visit the Character Customization page, and the option to download this digital drip will be available to all players, at least those that are jumping into Minecraft Bedrock. Since this version has the official store, players will just need to add these shoes to their digital avatar and watch the animated clogs do their thing.

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Minecraft x Crocs – How To Get Real-Life Shoes

Gamers hoping to claim a pair of these shoes to rock in real life will only need to jump onto this page here and sign up to be notified of when the collaboration drops. Giving them either your email or phone number can hopefully ensure that fans can snag a pair before resellers grab them all. Players hoping to rep their favorite game will have the chance to claim a few different styles, including:

  • Classic Clogs
  • Elevated Clogs
  • Jibbitz

While they may not be the most fashion-forward choice on the market — the Minecraft x Heelys collab that just happened recently takes the cake on that end — these could be the perfect shoes for a young gamer hoping to be the Drip Lord they always have wanted to be. Or, even for adults, it’s the perfect way to flaunt your favorite game in public in a pair of comfy clogs. Just imagine how nice it will be to feel the crunch of Cherry Blossom leaves under your new Crocs, though.

- This article was updated on February 16th, 2023

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