How to Claim Apex Legends Season 16 Login Rewards

Check out how to claim all rewards and add two fan favorites to your roster!

by Franklin Bellone Borges

The 16th season of Apex Legends is here, bringing to players a wide array of rewards such as a series of new themed badges and many exclusive items/cosmetics released in celebration of the game’s fourth anniversary and its community’s continuous support. But how can you claim all of the season’s login rewards? Now, in order to help you celebrate the game with style as well as get all of the available rewards, here are all Apex Legends Season 16 Login Rewards and how to claim them.

How to Claim Apex Legends Season 16 Login Rewards

Fortunately for all who want to guarantee the rewards but are a little short on time to jump in, you can claim all login rewards available during Apex Legends Season 16 by simply logging into the game during their available runtimes. Overall, the game will feature a total of four login rewards, with those who log in between February 14 and 21 being able to get a free Crypto and one Crypto Thematic Pack, while those who log in on any day between February 21 and 28 will be able to get both a free Ash and one Ash Thematic Pack.

To recap, here are all of the login rewards available as part of the fourth anniversary of Apex Legends as well as how to claim them:

  • Crypto + Crypto Thematic Pack: Log into the game on any day between February 14 and 21, 2023.
  • Ash + Ash Thematic Pack: Log into the game on any day between February 21 and 28, 2023.

With that said, those who already have both Legends on their roster will still be able to get their two thematic packs, so don’t waste time and dive in for a chance to bring a little more flair to both of them.

You can currently play Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 15th, 2023

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