Modern Warfare – How to Get Pink Bullets

The store's latest bundle provides a huge dose of anime.

by Diego Perez
Dame Fortuna anime camo

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been getting some pretty outlandish cosmetics added to the game post-launch, so you may have been surprised to see some people in your matches with pink weapons that shoot pink bullets. This isn’t a glitch or anything, but rather a new bundle that’s appeared in the store that gives players a bevy of anime-inspired weaponry and cosmetics.

How to Get Pink Bullets in Modern Warfare

To get pink bullets in Modern Warfare, you have to buy the Tracer Pack: Anime Bundle from the store for 1800 COD Points. The pink bullets that these guns fire are actually colored tracer rounds, hence the name “Tracer Pack.” 1800 COD Points is a relatively steep price, but the contents of the Bundle are more than worth it. Sure, you get the Love Bomb charm, the Luscious sticker, and the Skirting Death Calling Card, but you also get a bright pink M4A1 called The Breakup and a matching pink P90 called Casanova. Similar anime camos have been offered on weapons like the Oden and the Aug, but the M4A1 and P90 are in a class of their own, making these weapons the perfect fit for any anime enthusiast that wants to remain competitively viable in Modern Warfare.


If you want something to spice up your gameplay but don’t want to spend money on pink bullets, then you’re in luck. Pink bullets aren’t the first colorful rounds to make their way into Modern Warfare multiplayer. During Season 1, both red and blue tracer rounds were added to the game through various Bundles in the store. The Tracer Pack: Red bundle includes an FN-SCAR that shoots red bullets, while the Nikto Operator Bundle comes with a Kilo 141 that shoots blue bullets. Both Bundles come with matching pistols, so you’re sure to get your money’s worth out of each if you choose to buy them.

- This article was updated on February 21st, 2020

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