Modern Warfare – How to Change Minimap, Make Minimap Square

Gain extra situational awareness with a larger minimap.

by Brandon Adams
Modern Warfare - How to Change Minimap, Make Minimap Square

The minimap in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can often prove a useful tool for spotting enemies, especially if a friendly UAV is in the area. What if I told you there was now a way to make it show 21.5% more data? With the new Call of Duty: Warzone update came an additional option that allows just that.

The minimap shape can be altered in the General tab of the Options menu.

Go into your settings and select General from the tabs at the top. Scroll down the list until you reach HUD, under Accessibility. There you will see the option to change your minimap from a circle to a square. As can be seen in the image above the square minimap takes up more space, but in return provides a wider view of the surrounding area.

This can be the difference between life and death, especially in the new Warzone Battle Royale and Plunder game modes. Why? Well, because enemy locations will always be revealed on the minimap when they are firing their weapons in the two added modes, to include an arrow for elevation. Yep, you can use the wider minimap to better locate where your aggressor is hiding.

This also goes for other game modes that include the firing indicators, and friendly UAV pips. Personally, I feel the trade-off between the extra information and screen real estate is negligible at best, so I see little reason not to use the square minimap. If you don’t care for it, however, you can always return to the Options menus and change it.

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