Modern Warfare – How to Unlock the ISO in Season 6 (and On)

The ISO SMG can still be yours beyond Season 5

by Joshua Garibay

Modern Warfare has kicked off Season 6, meaning that last seasons’ Battle Pass weapons are no longer accessible through tier progression. The ISO SMG was previously obtained through reaching Tier 15 in Season 5, but now the close quarters dominator has adopted its own unlock challenge for Season 6 and on.

How to Unlock the ISO SMG After Season 5

As with all new weapons debuted through the Battle Pass, the season following their addition sees the unlock requirements shift from progression to a challenge format. The ISO SMG can be yours post-Season 5 be meeting the criteria listed below:

Get 5 Kills using an SMG with a Holo Optic in 7 different matches

The best way to knock out this task quickly and easily is by using one of the go-to SMGs, the MP5 and MP7. The consistency of these weapons have kept them high up on various multiplayer lists since launch. Depending on your weapon level, you may need to play with one of the SMGs for a few rounds to unlock the necessary optic. The APX5 Holographic Sight is available for MP5 at weapon level 5. The MP7’s Corp Combat Holo Sight can be obtained at weapon level 5 as well.

Depending on when you are reading this guide, you may be lucky enough to have a 24/7 Rust or Shipment option on the playlist. Either would be ideal for guaranteeing at least seven kills per match, even if you’re having an off day. At the time of writing, the playlist is focused on new Season 6 additions: Broadcast, Mialstor Tank Factory, and Station.

Out of the three, Broadcast may be the best suited for cramped corridors and tight surroundings. However, all three offer enough opportunities for close range engagements to make the challenge fly by with little issue. Don’t forget that you can back out of a match once seven enemies have been eliminated. The kills are not erased for leaving early. It certainly isn’t considered great sportsmanship online, but it’s a common tactic used to speed through similar challenges.

Follow the tips outlined above and the ISO SMG will be ready to go in your loadout in no time. If you are looking to snag the other Season 5 weapon while you’re at it, check out our guide on unlocking the AN-94 in Season 6 and beyond.