Modern Warfare – When is Season 7?

Season 7 is a mystery

by Joshua Garibay

Modern Warfare has hosted several seasons, currently sitting at Season 6. The original end date of the latest season was extended from its original conclusion on November 23rd to align with the debut of Black Ops Cold War’s first season in early December. However, Black Ops Cold War has just delayed Season One by a week, now planned to start on December 16th.

Despite Modern Warfare’s battle pass still showing it coming to a close by December 8th, it looks like the next season will also shift back by one week to join Black Ops Cold War and Warzone in Activision’s pursuit of establishing continuity across all three offerings. Unsurprisingly, details on Season 7 are scarce, as Activision is primarily focusing on marketing the inaugural season of Black Ops Cold War.

The exact contents and general info about what the future holds for Modern Warfare are relatively unknown. It is possible that December 16th reveals the end of Modern Warfare’s standard seasons once Black Ops Cold War and Warzone join forces alongside the merged battle pass.

What we do know is that Modern Warfare will receive an update over the course of the next week in the lead up to Black Ops Cold War Season One. Although very little was provided in the way of specifics, Activision did label the impending update as a “content update.” We cannot confirm whether this update is related to the 30+ Black Ops Cold War weapons and blueprints being integrated into Warzone or if it is specific to Modern Warfare.

Activision has instructed players to keep an eye on the Call of Duty blog as well as the publisher and developer’s social media profiles. With not much time left in the countdown, we should be receiving concrete details on the future of Modern Warfare’s seasonal structure very soon.