All Weapons and Armor Included in the Garden of Salvation Raid Loot Table in Destiny 2

The Vex bring great treasures from beyond this universe

by J.T. Isenhour

Each raid in Destiny 2 brings a slew of new weapons and a nice new armor set for each class into the game. Unlike a couple of the other raids in the game, Garden of Salvation doesn’t have patterned weapons so you still need to farm it to get the loot you are looking for. Since you only have one chance per character a week, you will want to make sure that you are looking in the right places of the raid for the items you want. Let’s go over all of the loot available in the Garden of Salvation Raid in Destiny 2 and what you get it from.

All Loot in the Garden of Salvation Raid in Destiny 2

Raid loot tends to be a bit more valuable than dungeon loot since it is much harder to farm. With a dungeon, you can farm the encounters as much as you want to get what you want. As long as the weapon or armor can drop from the dungeon, you can get it at some point. However, raids are unable to be farmed like this. The closest you can get to farming a raid is to re-run encounters for spoils and use those spoils to buy copies of items you have already obtained from the raid from the last chest.

Since you can only farm the raid a limited amount of times each week you will want to be as efficient as possible. This is why knowing which encounters can drop what loot is quite important in a raid. If something you want only drops from the first encounter, you only need to run it each week and can save some time and effort by not running the rest of the raid.

With that said, here is what each encounter can drop in the Garden of Salvation Raid:

1st Encounter: Evade the Consecrated MindZealots Reward (Fusion Rifle)
Accrued Redemption (Bow)
2nd Encounter: Summon the Consecrated MindProphet of Doom (Shotgun)
Reckless Oracle (Auto Rifle)
3rd Encounter: Defeat the Consecrated Mind– Ancient Gospel (Hand Cannon)
– Sacred Provenance (Pulse Rifle)
– Chest
4th Encounter: Defeat the Sanctified MindOmniscient Eye (Sniper Rifle)
Divinity (Trace Rifle, only available through questline)
Class Item

All of the encounters in Garden of Salvation have a chance of dropping the raid exclusive mods. These can only go on a set of Kentarch armor from the raid and these mods will only work in the raid. However, if you are having trouble with ammo or damage at any encounter in the raid, these mods will be able to help out.

There are also a few secret chests that can be found throughout the raid that can only drop you an item that you have already acquired from the raid already. So if you got an auto rifle in a previous raid, the secret chest might drop another auto rifle but it will never drop a hand cannon until you get one from an encounter in the raid.

Hopefully, this will help you get that last weapon or armor piece you were looking for from the raid, or at least point you toward the encounter you need to focus on. Once you have what you want from Garden of Salvation, you can spend more time trying to get the Cowboy hats for each of your guardians from the Spire of the Watcher dungeon.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on January 26th, 2023

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